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  • Porn under: BBW
  • Views: 1369

  • Release : 2018
    Cast : Karen Murphy
    Genres : MILF, Blowjob, Bigtits, BBW
    Filse Size : 1.2 GB

    Description : There are people for whom no advice is a decree. For example, this pregnant mother, in the literal sense of the word, wanted to shit on the recommendations of doctors. So that the Aesculapians do not tell her, she still smokes cigarettes and sucks male members. And so far, everything is in perfect order, both for her and for the fetus.
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 1486

  • Release :
    Cast :
    Genres :
    Filse Size : 1.8 GB

    Description : Stevie Smith and Kurt are old friends. Her bitch husband doesnt know what that really means. When he walks in on them fucking, and he is made to suck cock and be a cuckold; now he gets the point. When Kurt blasts his load all over her pussy, Stevie makes her husband eat up that creampie.
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 984

  • Release : 2012
    Cast :
    Genres : Cuckold, Fetish, Humiliating, Femdom
    Filse Size : 2.1 GB

    Description : Melody was straight up having a blast at her husband Marcelo's expense. But, that was what he was there for, right? When Marcelo brought up the subject of adding another dude to the mix, Melody jumped at the chance to feel a real dick again. When Marcelo begged her to fuck him, Melody gave that limp dick spouse of hers just what he asked for...
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 832

  • Release : 2010
    Cast : Igor, Priscilla, Alex Bad Boy, James Matarazo, Monica Mattos, Denis Liberato, Katia man, Hunter Corbin, Lacraia Perigue
    Genres : Oral, Anal, Vaginal Sex, Group, Big Dick, Interracial, Cumshot
    Filse Size : 1.8 GB

    Description : The best of both worldse together as the hottest guys and girls decide that they want dick and pussy at the same time! Two dudes and one chick join in every scene for a sexual adventure where no hole is discouraged and every whim is satisfied! Cock and pussy wee!
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 853

  • Release : 2008
    Cast : Al, Jan B
    Genres : Bisex, Oral,Cuckold
    Filse Size : 413.5 MB

    Description : Jan has not finished with her wimpy husband, Al, yet! She tried to be a faithful wife but, his ipetence in the bedroom leaves her no alternative but to continue to see her black lover. If Al doesn't like it, he can get the fuck out!Ales home to find Jan in her lover's arms & begs her to stop. Jan says it's her lover or a divorce. Al begs her to stay; he will do anything she wants if she'd only stay! Jan figures he does pay the bills, so let him prove it.She orders him to strip, get on his knees and beg. She orders him to crawl to the kitchen & make her lover a juice. He is scolded for a poor job. She orders him to help her & her lover disrobe while being humiliating him for being a wimp. Jen decides her black lover needs some good old fashioned head & orders Al to do the honors!! That's right she makes Al suck her lovers cock to make him erect for Jan to enjoy. She his head down that long cock & orders him to suck! Al has no choice.Jan is ready to be fucked she orders Al to take her lover's cock in his hand, open her pussy and insert that long hard black cock into her pink hot cunt. They make love & he explodes into her pussy & Jan orders Al to clean up the dripping cock. Al licks the juices from his cock. Jan goes to dining room, sits on platter & tells cuckold Al his dinner is served!
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 638

  • Release : 2014
    Cast :
    Genres : Bisexual, hardcore
    Filse Size : 989.9 MB

    Description : Middle-aged and angry couple invade neighborhood homes bi-sexually assaulting teens. Henrique and Francine have offered to watch their friend's unruly and incorrigible adult teens, Bruno and Kelly for the weekend. They let the two adult children know there are rules in their home and there will be consequences for breaking any of those rules. The teens may be surprised to learn what those consequences are. Enjoy!
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 528

  • Release : 2007
    Cast : Kamila, Kate, Michal, Jane, Carl Cox, Jim Bradek, Danny Dark, Kube Adams, Jack Samuelson, Jos Elios, Romi Sweet, Denny Hard
    Genres : Threesome, Oral, Anal, Vaginal Sex, Bareback, Cumshots, Creampie
    Filse Size : 705.8 MB

    Description : The BBCP series continues with yet another edition of the hottest bi movie you'll see. Imagine getting fucked from behind by a huge dick in the raw as you fill a hot warm pussy with fresh cum. These hung studs sure don't let anything get in the way - watch as they tear through pussies then cum all over the place.
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 814

  • Release : 2014
    Cast :
    Genres : Bisexual, Gay, Orgy Sex, Party Sex, Hardcore
    Filse Size : 861.4 MB

    Description : The Master Of Jizz bisexual crew are back for the final update of this special cum splattered trilogy, and there's never a lack of cum to spew all over the place with this many studs fucking and getting fucked! Giving you the all the jizz highlights from several past parties, you'll see a whole lot of different Eurodudes and Eurobabes, including Terra Sweet, taking multiple loads on her tits, as well as Gabrielle Gucci and her big tits, Adel Sunshine, Eliss Fire, Rachel La Rouge, Victoria Rose, and lots more hotties! Indoor or outdoor, wherever these freaks are getting their orgy on, there's a never ending stream of creamy cum in this "best of" bisexual reel! Don't miss out on all these guys and girls reveling in cum blast after cum blast!
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 1011

  • Release : 2018
    Cast :
    Genres : Bisexual Gonzo Anal
    Filse Size : 514.1 MB

    Description : Alessandro Katz comes home to find Belle Claire and his stepdad Brick Moorewood getting close on the couch. He asks where his mother is. Belle explains that she will be taking care of him while his mother is away. They insist he joins them on the couch. He cannot resist once Belle starts teasing him with her huge tits. He's always been curious to see what it would be like to fuck his stepfather. Now that his mother is away it's time to have a wild threesome. Getting down and dirty with daddy and his hot girlfriend!
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 572

  • Release :
    Cast : Leo Gotti Apollo Parker Alyssa Amethyst
    Genres : Oral / Vaginal / Anal Sex, Big Cock, Cumshots, Rimming, Tattoos, Natural tits, IR
    Filse Size : 1.4 GB

    Description : We Love A Secret Gay Bad Boy! Leo Gotti Strokes And Throats Apollo Parker's BBC With Alyssa Amethyst! Title says it all here. Who doesn't love a self-projecting bad boy with secret gay lovers!? We sure do, and Apollo Parker's thick black cock would agree. Alyssa Amethyst loves his older Daddy vibe and gets super wet watching the gun show in front of her fuck it out like a shootout!
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 598

  • Release :
    Cast :
    Genres : Bisexual, Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming, Threesome, Hardcore, Cumshots,
    Filse Size : 1.4 GB

    Description : Rachel Skye has 4 orgasms, and who can blame her? Jeremy Barker primed the pussy perfectly for Kane Hardy. Together they show Rachel the Holy Ghost as she gets possessed by pleasure! Now that the guys have taken care of Rachel, they focus on each other! This is Kanes 1st bottoming scene for BiGuysFuck and Jeremy Barker has a notoriously thick cock and hard stroke. Good luck Kane!
  • Porn under: Bisexual
  • Views: 537

  • Release : 2014
    Cast : Bisexual
    Genres : Bisexual, Gay, BDSM, Submales, Threesome, Hardcore
    Filse Size : 1.1 GB

    Description : Mistress Valentina Ross demands some action, so she sends her minion to go fetch a boy-toy for them to both have fun with, as Valentina loves taking it hard as well as watching studs pound each other in the ass!
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