Release : 1981
Cast : 1 Lisa De Leeuw, Paul Thomas 2 Hershel Savage, Veronica Hart 3 Jesse Adams, Loni Sanders, Tigr 4 Lisa De Leeuw, Loni Sanders 5 Juliet Anderson, Mike Horner 6 Annette Haven, James Price, Juliet Anderson, Michael Scott 7 Hershel Savage, Lee Caroll
Genres : Classic, All sex, 80's Gold, Lesbo
Filse Size : 1.4 GB

Description : "A spoof of 9 to 5 utitizes all the office techniques when it comes to sex. Annette Haven and super sizzling lesbian scenes make this adult film a must to see. Hustler's Highest Rating!" - Hustler Magazine. "Great locations, fantastic fucking and a sense of humor make this a classic take off. The photocopier scene is memorable... Xerox could have used it. Annette Haven is her natural gorgeous self and once again, Juliet Anderson delivers a sac draining finale. You can overlook the theme song." - LekaFeka from Midwest USA "Luscious Loni Sanders and tantalizing Tigr give Jesse Adams a wonderous workout atop the copy machine that may never be duplicated... Veronica Hart and Annette Haven are simply incapable of a boring moment on screen." - Cheri Magazine