Release : 2016
Cast : Amanda Fox AKA Unique Sub
Genres : Bondage, BDSM, Rope Bondage, Nudity, Naked, Blond Hair, Shot Live, Hogtie, Hogtied, Suspension, Breast Bondage, Toe Tied, Hair Tie, Crotch Rope, Nipple Clamps
Filse Size : 438.0 MB

Description : Amanda came in with a idea. She wanted to try a hogtie suspension. Except this time inverted. We talked about it and came up with a plan. I wanted to do it live with no breaks, edits, or cuts. She thought what have I done. What have I got myself into. I told her remember this was her idea. I love models with ideas like this. Shot live in front of a video audience for my live Sunday night show. See the whole thing from start to finish with all on screen ties. Along with behind the scenes footage.