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  • Porn under: BDSM Latex
  • Views: 281

  • Release : 2019
    Cast : Amanda Foxx & Lexi Lane
    Genres : bondage, Damsel in Distress, big tits, over the knee boots, shiny, upskirt, spandex, gagged girls, tape gagged, struggling, rope, tied elbows, crushed elbows, breast bondage, cuffed tits, stretched tits, crotch rope, predicament bondage, BDSM
    Filse Size : 2.0 GB

    Description : The Hunter drags his busty bound captives Amanda and Lexi into his lair. The girls are helplessly bound and gagged, their arms are tied behind their backs with ropes around their wrists and elbows. Both girls are gagged with their mouths packed and sealed shut with layers of shiny white tape. The Hunter attaches a chait to each girl's elbows, it is a single chain that runs up through a set of overhead pulleys so that if one girl pulls on the chain she jerks the others elbows up behind her back. He pulls out a pair of steel legs shackles and drapes on around the back of each of the girl's necks. Then Lexi watches as her pulls Amanda big beautiful tits out of her crop top and wraps the jaws of the cuffs around the base of each of her tits. Amanda screams and groans in pain as the cuffs slice deep into the soft flesh around each of her tits. Lexi can see Amanda's big tits grow in size as they swell mushroom out from the cuffs. The Hunter then comes over and pulls Lexi's tits out of her shiny spandex top and wraps the jaws of the cuffs around each of her tits. Lexi's breast are then brutally bound with the cuffs as the steel bites deep into the soft flesh around each of her tits. He adds another handcuff to her already bound breast to keep the leg shackle cuff from slipping off. He then frees Amanda elbows from the chain but immediatly attaches the chain to the chain attached to her cuffed tits that is draped around the back of her neck. He then comes back to poor Lexi and frees her elbows from the hanging chain then attaches the leg shackle chain to the other end of the chain attached to Amanda's tits. He pulls the slack out of the chain pulling and stretching the bound swollen tits on both girls. He then and teases them by pushing them together face to face and bound swollen breast to bound swollen breasts. The girls sob in pain as their poor swollen bound tits are pulled and stretched. He then lets them go and the girls separate and stand directly under each pulley to keep as much pressure off their tits as possible. But the Hunter isn't finished yet as he ties another rope to Amanda's bound wrists then pulls her back and tethers her bound wrists to the wall behind her. Then he does the same to poor Lexi attaching her bound wrist to the wall behind her as well. The two girl's sob and cry as their bound swollen tits are pulled and stretched by the cuffs but they can't move to take the pressure off with their bound wrists tethered to the wall. The Hunter gets more rope and ties a crotch rope between each of the girl's legs, the crotch rope slices deep into their panties, cleaving their pussies in two. A single rope is then tied to each crotch rope, Lexi and Amanda eyes go big in horror as he attaches a heavy gallon of paint to the rope tethering their crotch ropes together. He drops the paint can and it swings just a few inches off the floor. The girl's can feel the crotch rope burrow deeper into their pussies with the added weight of the heavy gallon of paint pulling the ropes taut. He tells them that if they stretch enough then they just maybe able to get the paint can to rest on the floor. But when they try that they end up pulling and stretching there swollen cuffed tits and streching their shoulders painfully behind them. They don't know what to do and with their mouths tightly gagged they can't communicate or cooridinate their suffering. The Hunter leaves them to their evil delemma as the girls twist and stretch their bound bodies trying to find the least painful position.
  • Porn under: BDSM Latex
  • Views: 159

  • Release : 2019
    Cast : Amanda Foxx & Lexi Lane
    Genres : bondage, Damsel in Distress, big tits, MILF, High heels, shiny, upskirt, zipties, gagged girls, cleave gagged, struggling, ziptied elbows, crushed elbows, chair tied, breast bondage, ziptied tits, breast stretching, predicament bondage, BDSM
    Filse Size : 1.6 GB

    Description : Busty blond MILF Amanda sits bound and gagged in a chair in the lair wondering what torment the Hunter has planned for her tits today. Her wrists and elbows are cruelly bound in nylon zipties behind the chair and another ziptie slices into her slender ankles, binding them tightly together. A elastic medical wrap is pulled between her lips and wrapped tightly around her head to keep her quiet. She hears the sound of stiletto heels on the floor and looks over to see the Hunter dragging a young girl, Lexi, into the lair.
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