Release : 1980
Cast : Actresses * Cathy Stewart plays Rose (Katy in the English dub), a maid in the brothel * Christine Lodes uncredited, plays Macha (Sylvaine de Montevideo in the English dub) * Frédérique plays Marie * Julia Perrin as Bianca Moore, plays Julie * Mandarine pl
Genres : Classic, Feature
Filse Size : 754.3 MB

Description : Husband and wife, Albert and Lulu, run a brothel, Le Chat Rose, which is struggling financially. Albert and Lulu get a banker to give them a loan by letting him win the services of the girls at games of cards and think they can rejuvenate the brothel by bringing in their , Julie, who has been fostered out to a couple who pretend to be priest and nun. They defeat debt collectors by photographing them with Fifi .Julie is gradually initiated into the ways of the establishment while working as a maid alongside Rose , watching the stage shows they put on, e.g. Fifi working as a magician's assistant, and observing closely the goings on as her entertains a blind man, a blonde prostitute and an army lieutenant with Rose and a couple of soldiers, her and the manservant entertain a female client and her with another male client and a female. Julie puts on a show herself with Rose and two men, playing a virgin, and then her virginity is the prize in a poker game which the lieutenant wins. Use HJsplit to Join all parts before playing