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Cast : Claudia Adkins, Sharon, Aaliyah Yi, Mariesa Arroyo, Giana
Genres : All Sex
Filse Size : 1.0 GB

Description : Who is fucking whom? Who is sucking whom off? Anal probe unveils hidden insight into the battle of the sexes. Young woman nearly buried in hot, steamy explosion... Unidentified long black object spotted by the moon! Brain "Cheeks" Williams brings these stories of American sluts to life. ...we have Joey banging the hell out of young, little Amy, he keeps looking outside to make sure that Mary Jo isn't home yet...we have O.J. Simpson making time to bang some hooker before running off to catch his up are Connie Hung and Maury who show us what it's really like when they're home alone...finally the last 2 stories we have are Heidi Weiss as The Madame.