Release :
Cast : Melanie Malia, Kenny Williams, Tommie Dahna, Aaron Jenkins, Lukas Roberts, Derek Long, Jeremy Gordon, Joseph Dan
Genres : Erotic, Drama, Posing, Muscle Me
Filse Size : 675.4 MB

Description : Sex. Lies. Deceit. Jealousy. Revenge. Clayton's obsessions are in the past, he tells his video journal. He has found love with Luke and they have dated for six months now. Mostly he is content at least until he realizes that Luke may be cheating. Following Luke around town catching no good naughty actions Clayton decided punishes the co-conspirators, including a no good homophobe. Clayton's obsession and joy with overpowering those home wrecking victims lead him on a delusion filled path of naked men playing Frisbee and eating ice cream. Will Clayton breakout of these delusions before he pushes the next victim too far?