Release : 2010
Cast : Aaron Burner, Aaron Wolf, Branden Forrest, Cory Lakes, Hunter Hanley, Jack Thunda, Lance Bennett, Oliver Vegas, Randall Lakes, Shawn Phoenix
Genres : Cum Shots, Cum Eating, Safe Sex, Twinks, Hunks, Tatooing, Masturbation, Anal/Oral Sex, Feet (Foot) Fetish
Filse Size : 1.4 GB

Description : Director Viper takes a group of Sneaker Lovin' Cum Sluts on a journey into shoe fetishes. These guys rub their faces into sweaty sneakers, inhaling the sweet, sweat aroma deep into their lungs. They lick dollops of cum from the laces after they've had their mouth full of dick and always leave their shoes on when they are ramming their hard cocks into a tight rump. Factory Extreme takes this shoe fetish to a whole new level.