Release :
Cast : Ace Kidman, Vander
Genres : Bareback, Blowjobs, Kissing, Rimming, Big Cocks, Hunks, Muscles, Deep Anal, Hot Up-Close Scenes, Hairy Men, In The Showers, Bedroom Sex, Cum Shots, Hot Sex, Hot Men
Filse Size : 1.3 GB

Description : 'Ace' and Vander had been seeing each other for many months. They have been doing the whole long-distance relationship thang. Not sure I would say "boyfriends" what with each of them living on opposite ends of the country, but you will quickly see that these two guys are totally enamored with each other. I basically let them do whatever they wanted and chased them around with a camera. A couple times I did have to remind them to "let us in" so we could see what was happening, but overall this is just one steaming hot sex scene where they get to finally have sex after not seeing each other for a couple months. They start off in the shower with Ace obviously hungry to get Vander's cock down the back of his throat. Not sure I have seen anyone deep throat him so deftly! Ace has had some practice doing it with Vander before. Vander is hungry for Ace's hole, and eats him till he is begging to be fucked.