Release : 1974
Cast : Ulrika Buts, Judith Fritsch, Eva Gross, Sonya Dzhannin, Heidi Kappler, Rosl Mayr, Gunter Kislich, Josef Moosholzer, Achim Newmann, Uli Steigberg
Genres : Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature
Filse Size : 592.2 MB

Description : The young man retires with his girlfriend, hoping to have a good time. But here's the bad luck - the walls in an apartment building are too thin. As a result, a couple in love is constantly distracting from something: either “Fire!” Will scream somewhere, then a wild cry will be heard from the dentist’s office, or something else will happen. So the young man has to constantly reassure his girlfriend with different stories in which lovers find themselves in a much more uncomfortable position than they ...