Release : 1986
Cast : Actresses: Brittany Stryker (as Brittany Striker) [LezOnly] Candie Evens Sheena Horne (as Debbie Houston) Gail [LezOnly] Keisha Stacey Donovan Tanya Foxx (as Susie Spain) [Anal] Trinity Loren (as Trinity Barnes) [Facial] Actors: Eric Edwards Frank J
Genres : Classic
Filse Size : 635.0 MB

Description : What makes some people winners and others losers? That's what Sara (the unbelievably busty Trinity Loren) wants to know. Her boyfriend Randall falls into the loser category. She's wondering whether or not to join him on his dream vacation… Whenever Sara thinks too long, her thoughts wander to the wicked side. She's easily distracted by the erotic activities of her frisky friends: young and sensational Gail and Brittany "the body" Stryker. Her greatest distraction however is the one and only Harry Reems. In possibly the single most intense scene of his long and glorious career. Her scorching, scandalous activities leave her even more doubtful about joining Randall. Meanwhile, foxy are at work to change the tide of fate for our hero. Love and lust combine to raise him up from the dark depths to the full peak of his throbbing power. The story of a man who once had nothing and now accepts nothing less than Having It All!