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  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 98

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : White Dick Discovery
    Genres : Anal, Bbw, Blowjob, Deep Throat, Puke, Slapping, Doggy, Cumshot, Rough Sex, Humilation, Verbal Abuse, Pissing
    Filse Size : 2.8 GB

    Description : She took two white dicks for the first time today. They even fucked her in her black ass. She drank yellow discipline as a dick was buried deep in her pussy. They slapped her titties like a black momma getting talked back to. Her asshole was pillaged so hard she was shaking like she had the holy ghost in her. She took 3 nuts to her first timer face, and ate it all like tasty grits.
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 78

  • Release : 2015
    Cast : Leslie
    Genres : Medical Fetish, Gyno Exam, Close Ups, Anal & Vaginal Enema, Brunette, Natural Tits, Tampon
    Filse Size : 1.3 GB

    Description : Leslie, 19 years old girl gyno exam. Checkup with heartbeat, abdominal, thermometers, anal dilation, bimanual exam, two speculums, suppository, dildo orgasm heartbeat and injection! Happy viewing!
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 184

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Margot
    Genres : Anal, DP, Oral, Facial, Blowjobs, ThroatFuck, Vomit, Humiliation, Pissing
    Filse Size : 3.5 GB

    Description : When a dick was thrusted into her asshole and I seen it popping out of her stomach, I was like, "this is excellent." I'll admit, she has teeth like a jack o' lantern, but I'm into this dirty girl. She knows she's worthless, and that makes my prick tingle with glee. She has a cuck boyfriend at home who is eagerly awaiting the release of this scene. She was making fun of his small cock as it was buried like Jimmy Hoffa in the back of her throat. She drank tons of yellow discipline, and did dirty A2M. Her small, anorexic body was dp'd, showing off her meaty ass and pink holes. She took 3, huge, degrading facials and sat their pondering her mistakes.
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 96

  • Release : 2018
    Cast :
    Genres : Hardcore, Straight, Blowjob, Fingering, Deepthroat
    Filse Size : 1.5 GB

    Description : Chloe Temple, is in the middle of nowhere with no way to get home.
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 93

  • Release : 2018
    Cast :
    Genres : Hardcore, Straight, Blowjob, Fingering, Deepthroat
    Filse Size : 1.4 GB

    Description : Sexy young streetwalker Jaye Summers thinks she's about to go service a John in his hotel room. To her surprise this nasty little whore quickly discovers that her John is actually an undercover cop and she's about to go down for soliciting. She begs arresting officer Brick for leniency and soon winds up getting brutally fucked and sexually dominated. He hammers her tight wet pussy in several positions then blasts her with a monster facial cumshot.
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 85

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Rita
    Genres : Oral, Facial, Blowjobs, Throat Fuck, Humiliation.
    Filse Size : 2.7 GB

    Description : This is a high class chick. A woman of privilege, if you will. We treated her like she was no different than anyone else--sub human, like the rest of them. She wasn't used to this kind of treatment. Her face was fucked into a mess, her ass was opened so wide I could have fit a water bottle in it. She did A2M like a champ. She drank yellow d like a good slut. She took tons of cum to her gorgeous, prissy face. She told her family to F off at the end. I'm sure they will get the message!
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 122

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Daikota
    Genres : Hardcore, Anal, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Throat Fuck, Gagging, Double Penetration, Cumshot, Humiliation
    Filse Size : 3.8 GB

    Description : She went the distance, but boy did she take her lumps. She was wobbled a few times like Trevor Berbick, but she always got up off the canvas. She got both her holes fucked until they were sore, and her throat was drilled like an oil well. She made a mess--all over herself and everything else. She drank the yellow discipline like it was a can of of soda pop. She cleaned up her mess and sat down to take her humiliation across the face - 3 giant loads, and we sent her home covered in cum.
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 83

  • Release :
    Cast :
    Genres : Blowjob, Slapping, Facefucking, Gagging, Spitting, Puking, Deepthroat, Facial
    Filse Size : 2.8 GB

    Description : I recently got into a twitter skirmish with a giant woman. Today, her doppelganger appears. She has shoulders bigger than mine, and thighs like Tom Platz, this is one giant bitch. I had to check if she was "snipt" because that's how large she was. The boys, however, prevailed, but they took some shrapnel in the carnage. After some good slaps, she submitted. I almost heard a violin playing when she finally yielded and realized her role. She's as somber, and distant, and just took cock over and over with no fuss. She took 3 loads to the face and took the contents of the whore bowl.
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 72

  • Release : 2012
    Cast :
    Genres : Extreme
    Filse Size : 590.2 MB

    Description : Extreme rare games, Breath Holding Contest action. Enjoy!
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 113

  • Release : 2021
    Cast :
    Genres : All Sex, Big Natural Tits, Big Dick, Blowjob, Deep Throat, Face Fuck, Gagging
    Filse Size : 3.6 GB

    Description : Big titty first timer Jasmine Wilde is collared, leashed up, and ready to get destroyed! Enjoy episode 259 and get ready for some more sloppy fun!
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 129

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Gia Love, Oxuanna Envy
    Genres : B/G/G, Brunette, Drooling, Facial, Fresh Face, Multiple Scenes, Rimjob, Screamer, Slapping, Spitting, Trolling, Two Whores, Viral
    Filse Size : 1.7 GB

    Description : What's better than having one whore to humiliate? Two whores to humiliate. Tonight, we had a special treat and that's two dumb bitches at once. I have to tell you, I was pretty excited because this was my first time filming two dumb pigs at once for Facial Abuse. I made every second count, too. We pitted both bitches against each other. Watching them take turns slapping each other and spitting on each other's faces was a joy only a real sexual deviant like myself could enjoy. During the face fucking, we had them take turns barfing on each other's face and hair, too. Trust me... great times were had by all... except the whores... they don't count.
  • Porn under: Extremals
  • Views: 138

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Cindy Crawford
    Genres : Hardcore, DP, Anal, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Throat Fuck, Gagging, MMF, Threesome, MILF, Cumshot, Pissing, Humiliation
    Filse Size : 3.2 GB

    Description : When a mommy comes in and gets the collar put on, it’s game on. The dicks went immediately down her throat as she had this dumbfounded look on her face. A yakk here and a yakk there, yellow discipline in her mouth and in down her belly, she was immediately reduced to a pile of pussy and ass and a pair of tits. Then she got DP'd, and her asshole hammered, did A2M and ate ass, and took 3 loads on her face. She’s a very obedient mommy!
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