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  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 1990
    Cast : Manuel Alveiro, Paul Debuschere, Friedrich Saxe, Diego San Paolo, Jean-Luc Adam, Gilles Barthelemy, Karl Burckel, Jean-Francois Beaufort, Serge Charnay, Kasimir Linder, Frederic Mezieres, Hugues Payot, Lucas Rizzi, Fred Scherer, Marco Tazzio, Denis Vauthie
    Genres : anal, oral, twinks, toys, fisting, pre-condom, cumshots, group, interracial, rimming, military, uniform
    Filse Size : 1.3 GB

    Description : A recruitment office in the tropcial heat of La Republic de los Mosquitos. Beneath the turning fans, wearing only white pants, the boys wait to undergo close inspection. Initiations, manoeuvres in battle dress, abuse from NCO's, pillow fights, the squabbles and sexual tension of young men deprived of femalepany. 16 boys enter Service Actif. :
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 1985
    Cast : Billy Sparks, Cory Baker, Adam Hunt, Greg Girard, Justin Smith, Ricky Schrader, Ron Johnson, Trevor Scott, Kevin Collins, Jagger, Tony Kennedy, Justin Tyler
    Genres : Anal, Oral, Rimming, Group, Bareback, Cumshots, Masturbation
    Filse Size : 977.2 MB

    Description : It's somebody's 18th birthday and what better way to celebrate than with an orgy in the living room. After blowing out the candles, and half the guests, the host takes on about eight other guys, in a long, somewhat hard to follow scene. There are numerous 2, 3, 4-ways on the side, and a solo here and there, and everybody gets off eventually. Schrader goes upstairs with Collins, who fucks him silly, while Baker jacks off and watches from the doorway. Girard and John share a sexless, and very short, shower scene. Five guys go at it in bed, with everybody jacking off in the end. Baker and a cute brute end up in bed, with the latter showing a very nice dick and impressive load. The film is much too short, has not one word of dialogue and the music is post-disco funk run amok. Still fun to watch, though!
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 4

  • Release : 1981
    Cast : Biff (gi), Chance (gi), Dennis (gi), Greg Kolb, Jack Wrangler, Johnny (gi), Johnny (gi), Paul Strand, Skipper (gi), Steve (Boyd)
    Genres : Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Threesome, Vintage
    Filse Size : 516.4 MB

    Description : The original loops were silent so music is added on top. Sadly, some guys, well into dirty-old-manhood, seem to have been selected to provide the voiceover 'dialog' which turned out just hideous.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 2

  • Release : 1997
    Cast : Eric Hanson, Tom Chase, Mike Branson, Jeremy Penn, Marc Stewart, Matthew Anders, Brian Daniels, Dale Rhodes, Troy Rider, Dean Edwards, Allen Ames
    Genres : Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Threesome, Outdoor Sex, Muscle, Classic
    Filse Size : 1.3 GB

    Description : Super-buff Southern California studs follow their libidos in this top quality offering from the folks at Falcon. Features the devastatingly handsome cover model Eric Han and the one-two (hole) punch of megastars Tom Chase and Mike Bran.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 0

  • Release :
    Cast :
    Genres :
    Filse Size : 1.2 GB

    Description : Fresh from the oven and served piping hot! With cutie Hans Ebson, Steve Hurley (and his eraser-like nipples and furry chest) and chiseled Clint Cooper gracing this third entry in the popular series. I'll be sure and put my order in, wait for delivery and hope the sauce spills everywhere. (Someone pass a napkin, please?) It's daddies, pups, pigs, smoothies and deep-throaters coming together for this spicy party!
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 1

  • Release : 1992
    Cast : Randy White, Hank Sterling, Adam Archer, Alvin Eros, Bill Marlowe, Dean Johnson, Jean Paul Cocteau, Tom Farrell, Wes Daniels
    Genres : Oral, Anal Sex, Threesomes, Dildos, Masturbation, Outdoor Sex
    Filse Size : 965.3 MB

    Description : Winner of the Best Video award at the 1992 Grabbys, director Josh Eliot's Easy Riders is a big budget extravaganza of hot bicyclists with tight over-stuffed shorts and a sexual appetite that can't be controlled. Cover model Randy Whitepletes his new motion picture and his limo driver Hank Sterling takes him for the ride of his life; Randy sets off for a bike race with his buddies Bill Marlowe and Dean John and they make a pit stop with a dildo; Wes Daniels and Alvin Erose across Jean Paul Cocteau jacking off in the woods and they have a threeway; Adam Archer bes lost and finds his way to Tom Farrell, and the two of them go at it hot and heavy in the beach house; and the race ends in a fight between Randy and Bill which gets reconciled at the premiere of White's new movie. Shot on location in San Francisco and the Russian River and featuring outstanding videography, this road movie will have you gasping for more.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 1

  • Release : 1975
    Cast : Glenn Parmley; Mike Daniels; Mike Simmons; Paul Simmons; Ray Benston; Robert Woods
    Genres : Outdoors,Threeway,Youngmen , Twinks , Hunks , pre-condom, Sucking & Fucking
    Filse Size : 1.6 GB

    Description : Originally released to theatres in 1975, this is by far the best of Toby Ross's early work. The poignant story of two , one retarded (Glenn Parmley), the other (Mike Daniels) jealous of his 's preference for her weaker .A level of gut realism, from actors with umonly large endowments, examines , hustling, suicide, mental turmoil, aging and poverty in this classic, best-selling film. Glenn mouths Mike's cock and asshole in the opening flick, and this leads to fucking. Do Me Evil is the best of vintage gay porn, is the best of classic gay porn by Gay hall of Fame director Toby Ross.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 0

  • Release : 1987
    Cast : Dexter, Zack
    Genres : Amateur, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Solos, Twinks, Classic
    Filse Size : 660.1 MB

    Description : This ’80s feature has very much of a classic feel, and may have been lensed much earlier.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 0

  • Release : 1982
    Cast : Derrick Garrison, Ron Pearson, Tim Kramer
    Genres : Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Outdoor Sex, Muscle, Romance, Vintage
    Filse Size : 338.2 MB

    Description : Surfer boys take turns learning to ride each other in this Catalina classic. 1. Derrick Garri OrgAbRr, Tim Kramer OgrAtRg Derrick is on a horse when he finds Tim surfing up to the beach and the two have a little fun. Tim and Derrick kiss and suck each other, then Tim rims Derrick and tops him. 2. Ron Pear OgrAbRr, Tim Kramer nonsex, Derrick Garri OgrAtRg Tim and Derrick ride Tim's horse bareback down the beach, where they encounter Ron Pear sunning himself. Tim leaves Derrick on the beach to have sex with Ron. Derrick and Ron kiss, suck each other, then Derrick rims Ron and tops him. 3. Ron Pear OrgAb, Tim Kramer OgrAt Tim Kramer and Ron Pear then meet up on a sundeck. Tim squirts Ron off with a hose, then they wrestle, kiss and 69. Tim rims Ron, then tops him.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 0

  • Release : 1996
    Cast : Jake Andrews, Jeff Palmer, Tom Chase, Steve Pierce, Dave Russell, Dean Spencer, Jake Taylor, Steve O'Donnell, Dan Hughes, Kyle Reardon, Kevin Wolf, Richard DeSantis, Todd Gibbs
    Genres : Feature, Muscle Studs, Military, Cops, BDSM, Toys, Fisting
    Filse Size : 648.3 MB

    Description : The next explosive chapter in the Code of Conduct Series ... Dean Spencer's sexual breakdown in the brig finds him blindfolded, alone in a corner, awaiting the next step of the Master Sergeant's sexual mind games ... will it be , orgies, dildos ... or all of them? And will he ever be "released"?
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 2

  • Release : 2000
    Cast : Jean-Francois Lemieux, Bernard LaMarre, Vincent Lourdes, Toby Hart, Billy Little Fox, Nicky Wells, G-Zon Beauleau, Alexandre Pleintemps
    Genres : oral/anal sex, young man
    Filse Size : 1.4 GB

    Description : In Chateau D'Lust, the cold and snowy sea gibes these horny men a rea to be grabbin' ‘round the cabin that's a chateau on a plateau! First, Jean-Francois Lemieux and Bernard LaMarre enjoy some winter horseplay near a private lodge located in Canada's snowy Laurentian mountains. A warm shower and hot, flip-flop sex is the perfect antidote for the brisk conditions, so the two head indoors, soap up, towel off, then top and bottom for each other in bed. Then, Billy Little-Fox gives Nicky Wells a tour of the grounds just as their guests Vincent Lourdes and Toby Hart arrive to join them. They stop to give head in a very cold shed, and then move it upstairs where they end up in pairs with some daisy chain sucking done just before fucking. Finally, after hiking in from the nearby town, G-Zon Beauleau tops Alexandre Pleintemps on an honest-to-goodness bearskin rug!
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 0

  • Release :
    Cast : Antonio Romis, Bruce Spalding, Donnie Russo, Greg Ross, Marco Rossi, Max Grand, Scott Baldwin, Zak Spears
    Genres : Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Condom, General Hardcore
    Filse Size : 1.1 GB

    Description : Double your pleasure with Greg Ross as a pair of identical twins! A nonstop fuckfest with Zak Spears, Marco Rossi and Scott Baldwin.
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