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  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 4

  • Release : 2000
    Cast : Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Ray Harley, Andrew Lennox, Chase Rite, Steve Rambo, Mike Radcliffe
    Genres : Oral, Anal, Double Anal, Hairy, Muscle
    Filse Size : 1.2 GB

    Description : From the press notes, courtesy of Catalina Whether he's taking it up the ass or pounding his cock into his pal's ass, award-winner Blake Harper stands out as one of the industry's hottest and most-successful performers. Here are his best Catalina scenes. Pairings include Blake with Ray Harley from Score; with Andrew Lennox from Sextortion; with Chase Rite from All About Sex; with Steve Rambo from Tales of Two Cities; and with Mike Radcliffe and Ja Branch in a scene from Escape to Echo Beach. Video: 640x480, DivX 3, 2086kbps
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 1989
    Cast : Mark, Brad Alman, Vince, Chris McKenzie, Brandon, Jeremy
    Genres : Classic, Pre-Condom, Twinks, Vintage, Anal/Oral Sex, BlowJob, Masturbation, Cumshot
    Filse Size : 1.1 GB

    Description : Five slim young cut and uncut guys fantasize and fuck in a mirrored room. Each model uses the mirrors in his own special way just for you.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 4

  • Release : 2000
    Cast : Eric Prince, Nico Carter, Anthony Pegasus, Kalib Mohamed, Eros Campanile, Ivan Jakov, Ace Reardon, Rick Hamilton, Sonny Boy, Lex Harper, Dino West, Maurice Fontana, Nick Spexter
    Genres : Twinks, masturbation, oral, anal, solo, couples, threesome, foursome, group sex
    Filse Size : 1.5 GB

    Description : A Man's Best presentation. Shot on location in Europe, you can be sure that this one is gonna be heavy on twinks, Europeans, foreskins, loincloths and... well, no other way to put it: young 'uns that border close to voting age. You know: just barely over the limit. (But legal they are.) In short, all you chicken lovers out there should prepare your roasting pans, basters and cumrags for a workout. Eric Prince is "Jungle Boy." He lives a carefree life in the jungle with lots of horny buddies. Every now and again, mainlanders enter their domain. Jungle boy and his buds are quick to show them plenty of hospitality and, of course, their enormous cocks and voracious sexual appetites. Watch these incredible lads suck and fuck just about everything that moves in an epic outdoor sexual escapade that will leave you breathless - and ready to travel to Africa.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 8

  • Release : 1984
    Cast : Lee Ryder, Mike Stoker, Dick Fisk, Rod Phillips, Mark Hunter, Leo Ford, Pete Gable, Rick
    Genres : Compilation, Anal, Oral, Cumshots, Threeways, Orgy Scene, Classic
    Filse Size : 1.9 GB

    Description : See what made Lee Ryder a true Falcon legend! Eight scorching hot, full length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles make this collection a must own.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 7

  • Release : 1989
    Cast : Matt Windsor, Vincent Gionini, Kevin Glover, Danny Bliss, Alan Lambert, Tim Lowe, Les Stine, Tony Davis, Lee Jennings, Rick Sands, Danny Brown, Rod Garetto, Brad Weston
    Genres : Story, Military, Uniforms, Muscle Men, Freshmen, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Solo
    Filse Size : 1.4 GB

    Description : The story of boot camp epasses the passions and yearnings of young men separated far from home for the first time, to their final realization and acceptance of the need to depend on each other in any situation. These studs will make you believe in serving your country!!
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 2000
    Cast : Attila H (Janos Volt), Attila A (Adam Gosett), Viktor H (Peter Krisztia), Laszlo S, Attila G, Peter T, Zsolt K, Zoltan A, Gabor M (Alexei Gromoff), Balazs T, Robert A, Otto H, Imre T, Bertalan K.
    Genres : Oral/Anal Sex, Cumshot, Big Cocks, Hardcore, Muscles, Duets, Group, Masturbate, Outdoors
    Filse Size : 2.0 GB

    Description : An 18 year old boy who's just celebrated his birthday spends his summer break at his 's farm. It won't be long until the cute young man falls in love with his host and has his first sexual experiences.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 5

  • Release : 1994
    Cast :
    Genres :
    Filse Size : 699.7 MB

    Description : When big boys are hungry, big boys will eat. Beautiful, muscular males suck huge trunks and fuck tight asses!
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 1987
    Cast : Devon Adams, Jeff Parker, Jim Blair, Kevin Ross, Mark Steel, Scott Roberts
    Genres : Vintage, Twinks, Hunks, Oral, Anal, Solo
    Filse Size : 610.8 MB

    Description : Mark Steel - Rebel. All the women he ever wants. Now he wants something different...young men. He's always noticed how men stare at him, now he's doing something about it. And they're waiting in line for their turn.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 1986
    Cast : The Christy Twins, Bob, Frank, Jack, Rusty, Ted, Terry
    Genres : Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Threesomes, Solos, Twinks, Vinatge
    Filse Size : 280.4 MB

    Description : The famous Christy twins give new meaning to the term "ly love" as they heat each other up to rock hard inttensity. Terry, Jack and Bob have a wild sex break and prove that three is not a crowd. After chemistry class, Ted and Rusty get down to some heavy fucking and sucking. Bob and Frank are not badpany-they give it to each other hot and hard! 1. Twin Reflections Chris Christy solo, Tim Christy solo You're not seeing double. It's the famous Christy Twins, and we're pleased to present these twins filmed in their home, enjoying themselves as only twin lover can. Filmed as a visual fantasy, you will see scenes you've only read about before. Using mirrors to reflect their youthful images, they display their wares in the true tradition of the Narcissus. You'll see these two handle themselves with the ultimate in ly love. The twins climax after a visual experience that makes them so hot and hard, the explosion is a welled relief. 2. Around the Rim - 1975 Terry (mustang), Jack (mustang), Bob (mustang) The only thing better than sex with a friend is sex with two friends. Terry and Jack are visiting when Bob arrives for their usual Saturday sex break. Soon all are naked on Terry's bed and their hunger for sex is let loose. If ever there was a 3-way love affair, this is it. These guys really turn on with each other. All orally explore the other's hot cocks and horny asses. If one isn't sucking on one, he is eagerly rimming the other. The action grows until Terry offers his young blonde ass to Bob while he sucks Jack's cock. Action all the way... 3. School's Out (short) Rusty (mustang), Ted (mustang) After chemistry class, Rusty decides to give Ted some real action. Still in the classroom, Rusty strips Ted and goes after his hot dick, sucking his would be lover passionately. Both naked, Rusty offers his asshole to Ted for some eager fucking and is obliged with a fuck he won't soon forget. While being rimmed by Rusty, Ted shoots his load into his own mouth. Ted then satisfies Rusty in a way that only straight guys can do when first discovering gay sex. 4. Badpany - 1975 Bob (mustang), Frank (mustang) Bob wants to fuck Frank, but first Frank goes to work on Bob's piece of meat. While Frank is sucking, Bob notices the big piece of cock Frank carries between his legs. Quickly positions are reversed; and Bob is giving Frank a thirsty blow job. Frank has ideas too, and soon is plowing his hard meat into the tight hole of Bob's hungry ass. What Bob started as a blow job ended with Bob taking a wild horny cock up his ass in every position he could think of. When the film ended, he still wanted more.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 1998
    Cast : Nano,Mike Scott,Carol L,Ludwig Sommer,Richard Engel,Michael Musk,Luigi Montani,Rico Luna
    Genres : Bareback,Anal Sex,Oral Sex, Duo, Trio & Quatro, Uncut Dicks
    Filse Size : 1.3 GB

    Description : This video features the theme of club ice hockey players. The action is much hotter off the ice than on with 10 lean and muscular Central European models in 6 totally hot scenes. After the lads have a workout on the ice, they return to the lockerroom to get out of their heavy gear and into some heavy action. Watch Brano in an incredible three-way on parallel bars and also in a scene with the coach where he gets his tender butt-hole split open by another humpy player. The final scene is a great free-for-all in a massive whirlpool. Great Jock Action that you won't want to miss!!!
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 5

  • Release : 1990
    Cast : Trevor Hansen, Chad Knight, Ed Wiley, Brock Logan, Scott Hogan, David Grant, Rod Nelson, Michael Crawford
    Genres : Plot Based, Probing, Gagging, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Voyeurism, Threeways, Classic
    Filse Size : 966.6 MB

    Description : Some condom-free butt blasting, as well as some major finger insertions. Someone better watch your remote doesn't get sticky.1. Trevor Hansen, Brock Logan Trevor Hansen and Brock Logan enjoy a sizzling session of fucking and sucking in the kitchen. 2. Rod Nel, Michael Crawford Rod Nel and Michael Crawford heat up the sheets with stroking, sucking and fucking. 3. Trevor Hansen, Chad Knight, David Grant Trevor Hansen, Chad Knight and David Grante indoors for a scorching threeway full of furious sucking, rimming, fucking and shooting. 4. Ed Wiley, Scott Hogan, Ed Wiley, Scott Hogan The gardener, Ed Wiley, is the secret watcher and he's got his eye on Scott Hogan and his tight round ass. He subdues the young blond and begins to ravage him from head to toe. The massively hung Wiley Scott to suck his . Then he jams four fingers way past the knuckles up the kid's asshole and Scott begs for more. Edplies and plows Scott's asshole y, making him gasp and moan. The assault is fierce and Scott is blissfully grateful. And so is Ed for another satisfying day's work.
  • Porn under: Gay Retro
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 1992
    Cast : Brad Chase, Brett Winters, Chad Knight, Kenny Marks, Kenny Spencer, Kip Tyler, Nathan Rocco, Tim Baley
    Genres : Cum Shots, Safe Sex, Threesome, Twinks, Anal / Oral Sex
    Filse Size : 1.2 GB

    Description : Cover model Chad Knight leads a cast of lusty lads through a sexual romp of innocence and exploration. Relive the first time you let your favorite boy buddy touch your virgin man-spot. Get off on the feeling of watching the next generation of eager guys discover why butt-busting action feels so good. sit back now and beat it with Director Dillon Scott as he goes reminiscing with a cast of spunking newers ... Guys who love to lick it but are looking for more .... Guys who are willing to take it.
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