Release : 1988
Cast : Stephanie Rage, Christine Robbins , Siobhan Hunter, Lynn LeMay , Damien Cashmere , Randy Paul , Rocky Dilorenzo
Genres : Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex,Feature,All Sex, Anal, DP,milf, Big Tits,Group
Filse Size : 1.0 GB

Description : I made this discovery of yet another latter-day Joe Sarno hardcore video while watching a Lynn LeMay 3-fer from Alpha Blue Archives, where it was innocently credited to fictional director "Len Wolters". In less than a minute it became obvious that this was the work of the late master, though unfortunately one of his XXX junkers. Siobhan Hunter (only reason to watch this filler) stars as a mad scientist named Madge, who has cultivated an experimental strain of cucumber which gives off vapors (no special effects) that act as an instant aphrodisiac to turn women on. Of course she falls happy victim to her own creation. Level of humor/cuteness is that the cucumber is nourished with semen, gladly provided (off-camera thankfully) by Madge's assistant Gornick (Damian Cashmere). Given Sarno's trademark use of food (generally salami) as dildo I foolishly thought we would have a cucumber insertion scene but the fans are spared. The little cucumber just sits quietly in its container. Rapid-fire dialog delivery is well-handled by Stephanie Rage as Audrey Sweet, an enemy of Madge's from college days, as well as Christie Robins as another school chum named Astrid Bergman evidently as a salute to the Swedish maestro. The extremely cheap sets and girl/girl relationships are pure Sarno, as are the brief walking around sidewalk scenes that share an identical location with Sarno's sex starved. Porn footage is utterly boring, featuring the oversize vibrator Sarno insists on including long after it was old-hat in XXX features. One surprise is that even though the video is marketed nowadays under Lynn LeMay's name, she merely enters the show late, mumbles her character's name and confuses her co-star Randy Paul by immediately improvising patter in the "it sure is hot in here!" mode, strips and gets down with him without fitting anywhere into the "plot". As in sex starved, where star Porsche Lynn fumbles her lines but the camera keeps running (no retakes, please!), Sarno apparently took zero interest while directing these VHS quickies which collectively tarnish his overall career.