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  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 4

  • Release : 2020
    Cast : Renee Kane, John Long
    Genres : Blowjob, Brunette, Cum In Mouth, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Interracial, Mature, MILF, Old and young
    Filse Size : 822.5 MB

    Description : Renee Kane (60) - The GILF, the dick pic and the big, black cock (May 07, 2020) Renee Kane, 60, is cleaning up around the house and can't believe the mess her daughter has made. Then she hears a phone vibrating, but it's not her phone. It's her daughter's phone, so she picks it up and looks at the screen. "Lisa! What is this? Oh my god, who is that? Somebody has sent you a dick pic!" Renee isn't mad. She's impressed. The dude has a really big, black cock and Renee wants some of that. So instead of texting back, "Stop sending dick pics to my daughter, perv," she texts back, "Come on over!" Of course, she doesn't tell the dude that it's her daughter's mom who replied and he's shocked when this sexy, mature woman answers the door. "Lisa's not home right now," Renee says, "but I am. I saw a picture of you. Would you like to come in and wait for her?" He comes in, but they're not going to do any waiting. Renee wants to see that dick in-person and fast, so she takes it out and sucks that 24-year-old cock and then she fucks it.
  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 6

  • Release : 2020
    Cast : Jilly Smith (67)
    Genres : Big Tits, Blowjob, Cum on tits, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Masturbation, Mature, Hardcore, Shaved Pussy, Stockings, Toy
    Filse Size : 1.0 GB

    Description : Jilly Smith (67) - From Australia, Jilly Smith's first fuck scene (June 04, 2020) "My friends would be very surprised to see me here," said Jilly Smith, a 67-year-old wife who was born in England and now lives with her husband in Perth, Australia. "They think I am a regular housewife." Well, most regular housewives don't do this, at least not for all the world to see. Stuck in quarantine down in Australia like most of us around the world, Jilly and her hubby shot this scene for 60PlusMILFs. First, Mrs. Smith shows off her voluptuous body and natural, G-cup tits, then she lies back and pleasures herself with a toy. But she needs more, so when her husband shows up, he joins in on the fun. Jilly sucks his dick and gets fucked every which way--on the floor and the couch--before he cums on her tits. Jilly used to be an exotic dancer. She's also been a midwife. She told us, "I like to travel and spend time naked." She envisions her perfect evening as "red wine, a good meal and good sex. I love a nice, hard cock.
  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 6

  • Release : 2020
    Cast : Anneke Nordstrum (62)
    Genres : Anal, Big Tits, Blonde, Cum In Mouth, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Facial, Glasses, Mature, MILF, Old and young, Stockings
    Filse Size : 2.6 GB

    Description : Anneke Nordstrum (62) - Anneke gets anal (July 28, 2020) Divorcee. Entertainer. Sixty-two-year-old nymph who's fucking more and more as she gets older. That's Anneke Nordstrum, one of the hottest 60Plus MILFs ever. "I like it in my mouth, my pussy and especially my ass," Anneke said. "A lot of men are surprised that a woman my age is into anal sex, but why not? If it's enjoyable for both of us, anything goes!" Anneke is a special woman. Today, she takes a 28-year-old's young cock up her ass like she's been doing it all her life...which she has, kind of. "I got into anal when I was in my early 30s and realized I could cum just as hard from anal sex as I do from vaginal sex," she said. "I'll never get tired of anal. Never." Anneke, who is of Swedish heritage, was born in upstate New York and lives in Central Florida. "I get 'Great tits' all the time," she said, "but that's not the way to get into my pants. Get me interested in you. Take your time. I promise you it'll be worth it. Besides, we have all night."
  • Porn under: Threesome
  • Views: 5

  • Release : 2014
    Cast : Cara Reid, Sally D'Angelo
    Genres :
    Filse Size : 1.3 GB

    Description : Cara Reid, Sally D'Angelo - Cara, Sally and a big, fat cock (September 25, 2014) Sally D'Angelo, 60, and Cara Reid, 61, both big-titted blondes, both married, both horny all the time, both swingers (even though they didn't know that about each other when they were just biker buddies) share a cock, and each other, for the first time. "I love me some Sally," Cara said. "I think it is going to be so much fun. It makes me hot just thinking about it. I'm going to take my cue from her and surprise her. Throw her down and lick her pussy good. I hope she lets me. And I'm gonna let her lick mine." When this scene opens, Sally and Cara are both looking hot in red fuck-me lingerie. Sally gets Cara ready for JMac's big cock by licking her tits and eating her pussy, and it isn't long before they're both sharing that big cock and eating each other's pussies and feeding JMac's cock into each other's pussies. What are the odds that a couple of motorcycle friends who used to go riding with each other's husbands would end up fucking at 60PlusMILFs?
  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 20

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Nicol Mandorla (61)
    Genres : Big Tits, Blowjob, Cum on tits, cumshot, Doggy Style, Hardcore, Mature, MILF, Old and young, Stockings, Tattoo
    Filse Size : 1.6 GB

    Description : Nicol Mandorla (61) - Granny gets hands-on with the handyman (January 21, 2021) Super-sexy Gilf Nicol Mandorla is sitting on her couch, watching the handyman fix her radiator. She's wearing an extremely short skirt, so short that we can see the strap of her garter belt, and she's going to find out exactly how handy her handyman hands-on. He hands her the bill for his services. She doesn't want to pay him, but she's not going to stiff him. She's going to have Mr. Handyman stiff her with his stiffee. She's going to service him with her mouth and pussy. "It is a lot of fun to be able to do something like this," said this 61-year-old wife, and from the Czech Republic. "Most women at my age cannot. I am not a person who is usually an extrovert. I am usually very conservative. I am not a swinger and I am not a nudist. I know some people who are very wild sexually, but I am not one of them and this would surprise them." Nicol found us when she signed up with a modeling agency. "They contacted me and asked me if I would like to do this.
  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 10

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Rita Daniels, Nicky Rebel
    Genres : Anal, Big Tits, Blowjob, Boob Play, Brunette, Cum In Mouth, Cum on tits, Cum swallow, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Double Penetration, High Heels, Mature, MILF
    Filse Size : 1.8 GB

    Description : Rita Daniels (71) - Rita's toy and cock air-tight scene (August 05, 2021) "It's so nice to be back at 60PlusMILFs," big-titted Rita Daniels says. "Here I am, two years later, 71, and I'm just beginning. So today, I'm going to get DP'd. Only problem is, I'm missing one dick, so I'm going to have myself a nice dildo." She takes out her big, black dildo and tells her stud, who's off-camera, "I can't wait to have you in my ass, baby." Is it just our imagination or did the dildo get harder and longer when she said that? "And my pussy. My wet, wet pussy. Do you want to stick your big cock in my cunt?" Did she say cunt? Of course she did. She always does.
  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 5

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Linda Storm, Alexei
    Genres : Big Tits, Blowjob, Cum In Mouth, Cum swallow, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Hardcore, High Heels, Mature, MILF, Missionary, Old and young, Lingerie, Shaved Pussy, Pussy Eating, Redhead, Teacher, Tit-Fucking
    Filse Size : 1.6 GB

    Description : Linda Storm (63) - Mrs. Storm and her ex-student (June 24, 2021) Linda Storm, a 63-year-old wife, and from Hertfordshire in southern England, answers the door and finds her 's boyfriend standing there. Her is out shopping, so she invites him in. They immediately recognize each other: Mrs. Storm was his former teacher; Alexei was her former student.
  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 8

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Rita Daniels (71)
    Genres : Anal Play, Big Tits, Brunette, Masturbation, Mature, MILF, Lingerie, Shaved Pussy, Solo, Stockings, Toys
    Filse Size : 706.8 MB

    Description : Rita Daniels (71) - Rita and Marco (August 03, 2021) Look who's back! It's Rita Daniels, now 71 years old and, if possible, looking better and sexier than ever. That's saying a lot because Rita was a true Milf/Gilf piece of ass when we first met her in 2010. You could say Rita has explored and expanded upon her sexuality since she first appeared at 50PlusMILFs, and the result is a woman who's 100% confident in her sexuality, sensuality and ability to pleasure men. Her way of fuck-talking is so natural, so completely uninhibited. Here, Rita is wearing a little bra that shows off her big tits, matching panties, stockings, a garter belt and heels. She's going to tell you how she likes it and then she's going to show you by using her torso sex toy, Marco. She sucks Marco's balls. She sucks Marco's cock. She shoves Marco's cock deep inside her pussy and takes Marco in her ass, too. Never, ever, have we so envied an inanimate object.
  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 10

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Fiona Candie (61)
    Genres : Blowjob, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Facial, Hardcore, Mature, MILF, Missionary, Old and young, Shaved Pussy, Redhead
    Filse Size : 855.0 MB

    Description : Fiona Candie (61) - Fiona's first porno (June 17, 2021) In her first porn scene, 61-year-old Fiona Candie from Texas sucks and fucks a guy who's young enough to be her (the age difference is almost 30 years). He comes to her place to workout, but she has a different kind of working out in mind. Before long, she has his cock in her mouth and pussy and they're working up a sweat.
  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 39

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Mona Marley, Steve Q
    Genres : Big Tits, Boob Play, Brunette, Cum on tits, Cumshot, Doggy Style, Glasses, Hardcore, Hairy Pussy, Mature, MILF, Missionary, Tit-Fucking, Tit-Sucking
    Filse Size : 1.4 GB

    Description : Mona Marley (64) - Fuckin' work of art (September 30, 2021) Steve is looking to buy some art, but what he's really evaluating is the tits on his saleswoman: Mona Marley. Mona knows how to close a deal. She's wearing a figure-hugging dress that shows off her big, natural tits, and you can excuse Steve if he can't focus on the deal. When she notices his wandering eyes and lets him cop a feel of boob, it's time to put the papers aside. There's a lot of tit-fucking in this scene, as there should be, but Mona pays plenty of attention to his cock and balls, too. They fuck, of course. Hey, dude, don't shoot your load all over the artwork! Well, he kinda does if you consider Mona's tits to be works of art, which they are. Mona is a 64-year-old divorcee, and who was born in Slovakia and lives in the Czech Republic. Most-fun job she's ever had: "Working at a charity for ." Panties? "Never at home." How a man attracts her attention: "By being a gentleman." Editor's note: Staring at a woman's tits while she's trying to…
  • Porn under: Mature, MILF
  • Views: 13

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Mona Marley (64)
    Genres : Big Tits, Boob Play, Brunette, Grandma, Hairy Pussy, Masturbation, Mature, MILF, Solo, Toys
    Filse Size : 1.0 GB

    Description : Mona Marley (64) - What big tits you have, Grandma! (September 28, 2021) Mona Marley, a 64-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from the Czech Republic, leads with her tits, and we're not burying the lede, although we're sure you'd love to bury your cock between her soft, natural breasts. Later this week, a lucky stud is going to do just that, as well as fuck her pussy and shoot his load on her rack, but today, you have Mona all to yourself. She plays with her tan-lined beauties, fingers her slightly hairy pussy and fucks herself with a clear dildo.
  • Porn under: Old and Young
  • Views: 210

  • Release : 2019
    Cast :
    Genres : Milf, Mature
    Filse Size : 1.5 GB

    Description : When we asked 66-year-old Madison Milstar if she gets off while watching porn, she said, "I'll always watch it and masturbate. It goes hand-in-hand. Usually I'm in my office at home, sitting in a nice office chair, on my PC with my pocket rocket handy and my nipple clamps on. They just pinch those nipples perfectly, and I don't have to do it. I'm busy with my little toys and having fun." And now that she's a 60Plus MILF, Madison can do something most women can't do: She can watch herself fuck. And she can do what she recently did: fuck her husband while they watched her fuck. Such are the fringe benefits of becoming a 60Plus MILF. It's the experience that keeps on experiencing..or something like that. Here, Madison, who's also a woman and , experiences Patrick's 27-year-old cock.
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