Release : 2008
Cast : Czech boy
Genres : Oral, Anal, Bareback, Teens, Group, Twinks
Filse Size : 825.3 MB

Description : Two really horny, and frisky twinks enjoy the great outdoors and each other after a trip to the stream and a swing from a tree. A closely shaved blonde is almost too eager as he devours his friend's cock in such a way it almost appears phony. His friend is slightly hairy, very cute, and has a thick cock. The blonde does all the work here as he continues to suck his friend off in the woods until he gets his chest covered in cum. The blonde jacks off onto his buddies chest and ends with the two embraced. The next scene finds two dark haired studs paired up. The two are in a blue weight room with a few weights strewn about but they're here to workout on each other and not lift that's for sure! After the two exchange blow jobs, which are pretty lackluster to say the least, Tommy Sem bends over the weight bench and offers his ass up to be fucked. There's not much passion or energy going on which brings the whole scene to a grinding halt unfortunately. It does pick up at the very end when our top delivers a huge mouthful of jizz to Tommy just before he jacks off himself. Two of the cutest twinks in the production are making out on a living room sofa. After a bit of foreplay the clothese off and the two take turns wrapping their lips around each other's throbbing cocks. The guys are adorable and seem into one another. Eventually they fuck doggy style with the cuter of the two delivering a hard, raw, fuck. Like the "energizer bunny" it didn't seem like he was going to ever stop! Eventually he does and pulls out just in time to spray a load across his friends ass as he cums across the floor. Tommy Sem, who we saw walking in a grassy knoll in the beginning stops at a bench under a shelter to relieve himself. It's a simple, straightforward solo that doesn't amount to much except for the fact that he's cute and has a nice dick. The finale finds two slender twinks kissing and caressing one another in another living room. Again, some pretty standard stuff, but at least they seem into it. After some brief sucking the taller of the two rams his cock into his friends yearning, tight hole. Some nice fucking ensues with some good camera shots here and there. As the top pounds away he fingers his own hole that works him up into a frenzy until he explodes. Having been given better direction these twinks probably could've turned in one helluva performance, but it's really hit and miss. The third and fifth scenes were ok but the rest was pretty mediocre. The temptation wasn't so sweet.