Release : 1996
Cast : Steve Sax, Tyler Grey, Alexei Gromoff, Boris Tomin, Carlos Velasquez, Julio Velasquez, Tony Tarango, Rafiel Perez, Akos Matyas, Csaba Zsiros, Kalman Faludi, Sergei Jordanov, Ivan Cseska, Garret Hunt, Adriano Marquez, Pedro Pandilla
Genres :
Filse Size : 1.9 GB

Description : Gangsters At Large is one of Kristen Bjorn's hottest! Steve Sax is a private detective hired to investigate the disappearance of model Tyler Gray. Sax's info is that Gray has been kidnapped by the Russian mafia, which is running a male sex-slave ring out of Miami through a phony modelling agency.Not only has Gray been kidnapped, but so has a member of a Colombian drug lord's family. The finale pits the Colombians against the Russians, but as you might expect, the weapons used are penises and the ammo is cum. And, this being a Bjorn film, there is plenty of ammo! Bjorn is an absolute genius when it comes to filming sex. For Gangsters, Bjorn assembled a spectacularly handsome cast from Eastern Europe, Latin America and the USA, gave them a more intricate plot than usual, got them hard and naked, and filmed the jizz-drenched results. The camerawork is flawless. The men are so involved with the sex that watching is almost better than being there. The scene with Tony Tarango and the Velasquez is one of the hottest threeways ever filmed!