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  • Porn under: Lesbians
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Daniela D & Milana
    Genres : Blonde, Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbian, 1080p, Braces, Cute, Glasses
    Filse Size : 2.2 GB

    Description : Daniela and Milana exchange their cute glasses and give each other a vision test before making out. They strip off their shirts and excitedly rub their nipples together, the tingly sensation making Daniela giggle with delight as her braces shine. Milana removes Daniela's skirt and slips one finger into her lacy panties, to stroke her fuzzy pubic hair. Then, she removes them completely and passionately sucks her clit, as Daniela gazes lustfully at Milana's beautiful face between her legs, and cries out with pleasure... When it's Milana's turn to be ravished, she opens her legs so Daniela can part her pink labia and plunge one finger deep inside. Milana whimpers and arches her back as she feels her climax coming, and both girls cuddle each other's breasts at the same time. Then Daniela climbs on top, so they can slot their legs together and begin vigorously tribbing. They hold hands tight as their pussies melt together, building to blissful simultaneous orgasms. Deeply satisfied, Daniela and Milana throw their arms around each other and passionately kiss.
  • Porn under: Hairy
  • Views: 7

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Adelina & Catalina A
    Genres : Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbian, 1080p, Flexible, Jeans, Leggings
    Filse Size : 2.3 GB

    Description : Catalina offers to teach Adelina how to play the guitar, and they snuggle close together wearing low-cut tops that highlight their cleavage. The sensual feeling of their fingers intertwining quickly makes both girls forget about the lesson. They begin sharing open-mouth tongue kisses, then Adelina unzips Catalina's jeans and slips one hand inside, while licking her nipples. Catalina peels off Adelina's tight leggings and cotton panties, and invites her to sit on her face. Adelina clutches her bare breasts, savouring the feeling of her friend gently tugging at her full bush and lapping into her vulva... Adelina is eager to give pleasure to Catalina as well, and lavishes her pussy long licks that extend all the way up to her fluffy pubic hair. Catalina then has something else to teach her friend, and guides her in the intimate art of fisting a woman. Three of Adelina's fingers slip into Catalina's pussy, then four, and finally all five, until a wave of washes over her. Adelina slowly pulls out her hand, which is dripping with girlcum, and the pals engage in spirited tribbing in an array of flexible positions, before sweetly making out.
  • Porn under: Lesbians
  • Views: 11

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Chelsea K & Jullie Muff
    Genres : Brunette, Clips, Fetish, HD, Lesbian, 1080p
    Filse Size : 2.1 GB

    Description : Chelsea K and Jullie Muff are two hot chicks who waste no time in getting down to business. Barely a word is spoken before they're kissing, touching, and even licking each other's assholes.
  • Porn under: Lesbians
  • Views: 33

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Candice D. and Ophelia D.
    Genres : Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbian, 1080p, Pussy Licking, face Sitting, Fingering
    Filse Size : 2.5 GB

    Description : Candice is doing yoga in a halter top and gym shorts, until Ophelia playfully distracts her and gives her sweet kisses, offering to help Candice work out. But her hands quickly move from giving support to squeezing her friend’s round bum, and stroking between her legs. Candice lies on the floor and uses the tiny toes on her bare feet to lift up Ophelia’s colourful dress, then tug her panties to the side to uncover her hairy pussy. Once they’re both naked, Candice reclines in a wicker chair and lifts her legs in the air. She excitedly looks down at Ophelia’s face between her legs, lapping into her smooth shaved vulva. When it’s Ophelia’s turn to receive, she lays down and puts her legs behind her head, a flexible position that lets Candice ravish her. She inserts three fingers deep inside, making Ophelia’s eyes light up with pleasure. Then Candice starts lovingly eating her out, making her pussy glisten with saliva. The girls get up to sit side by side as Ophelia also puts three fingers into Candice, while enjoying the feeling of her friend’s toes rubbing against her nipples and between her legs. In the afterglow, the girls cuddle and kiss with warm smiles.
  • Porn under: Lesbians
  • Views: 56

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Sofia and Kalie
    Genres : Shaved, Natural Tits, Brunette, Kissing, Toys, Fingering, Big tits, Masturbation, HD, Clips, 1080p
    Filse Size : 2.0 GB

    Description : "Your boobs are a lot bigger than mine" says Sofia looking Kalie's big tits. Kalie grabs her tits and lick her own brown nipples. Getting naked Sofie slapping her hairy pussy than insert her finger in. Kalie uses her blue vibrator on her shaved pussy and masturbates to orgasm.
  • Porn under: Masturbation
  • Views: 218

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Calina
    Genres : Solo, Brunette, Clips, HD, Teen, 1080p, Hairy, Fingering, Masturbation, Natural Tits, Shower
    Filse Size : 1.4 GB

    Description : Calina slowly takes off her shorts, she brings it closer to her face and sniffs the pants. Standing in the bathroom in her bra and panties on, she playfully pulls down on her underwear to reveal dark pubic hair. Bending forward as she prepares herself a hot, bubble bath, Calina smiles as she turns around showing her slender body and hairy pussy. Turning on her heels, she moves her round bum from side to side, and before going into the water she slowly pulls out her tampon. Inside the bath, Calina plays with the foam, using it to caress her soft nipples and breasts before washing it all away as she splashes water on all her naked body.
  • Porn under: Lesbians
  • Views: 152

  • Release : 2021
    Cast : Maylin Manon; Zhen
    Genres : Asian. Brunette, Clips, Fetish, HD, Lesbian, Redhead, Threesome, Teen, 1080p, Pussy Licking, face Sitting
    Filse Size : 2.1 GB

    Description : Three sexy teen girls transform a study session into a magical lesbian threesome! Watch those three learn new tricks together!
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