Release : 2018
Cast :
Genres : Femdom, Kunilingus, Facesitting, Strapon, Anilingus, Domination
Filse Size : 299.9 MB

Description : When Tony comes home to tell his amazon wife Bethany Benz he just lost another job she gives him a final ultimatum. She decides he is better suited as a house husband. He will spend his days in bondage & chastity cooking and cleaning as her bitch. His first task is to spit polish her leather boots with the anal hook straight up his ass. When you belong to Mistress Gianna you give up complete control of your cock and every last one of your orgasms. Her slave still needs to understand this simple concept that his orgasms are no longer under his control. Mistress Gianna slowly and sensually edges his cock while making sure he is paying complete attention with firm slaps to his helpless balls. She shows him how good ownership can be for obedient slaves that know their place by edging out a thick load of cum.