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Description : How would you celebrate your 20th birthday? If youre All Worlds Video you invite a ton of hot porn stars to a luxurious estate and you film the whole thing! Now thats a party! Filmed in Palm Springs with the sun beating down and temperatures soaring to 115 degrees it was one hot sweaty day for the All Worlds Video 20th anniversary celebration and every moment of the action was caught on tape with four roaming cameras. The men waste no time diving into the pool and cooling off a little before they get down to the action at hand. Pairing and grouping off around the pool the guys worship each others bodies as the unscripted action begins. Before long the guys form a 28-man chain of sucking around the pool. When the fucking begins it takes every camera in the house to capture all of the action and it doesnt stop until all of the guys gather around for one of the biggest circle jerks you will ever see on film. Hosted by the one and only Chi Chi LaRue, the DVD also features bonus footage of the guys grand entrance to the party. Doing her best red carpet treatment with the guys (no need to ask what they are wearing... because they are all naked), Chi Chi takes time to interview some of the biggest names in the industry like Arpad Miklos, Kyle Lewis, Jason Hawke, Jeremy Jordan, Andy Hunter and All Worlds Video Exclusives Chad Savage, Kevin Brown and Jonathan West. The DVD video also features the grand finale for the day, a $20,000 drawing where one of the lucky models gets a payout bonus for taking part in the 20th anniversary festivities.