Release : 1983
Cast : Sandra Nova (aka Uschi Karnat), Frank Williams, Jean-Paul Blondeau, Angela Fellini, Christian Beumer, Vladimir Tartakovski
Genres : Feature
Filse Size : 700.6 MB

Description : A masterpiece of German cinema in 1983. A classic with which many of us began at the dawn of home video in the USSR an acquaintance with world culture. The picture is based on the well-known historical fact about the sexual licentiousness of Queen Catherine the Great. The film is filled with a variety of orgies, such as: The rite of passage of the guards to the queen's lovers; orgies in the palace after the execution of Emelyan Pugachev; in honor of the celebration of the next anniversary of the emperor Catherine; sadomasochistic scenes in the village with the participation of the Pugachev robbers and in St. Petersburg, arranged by Tsarevich Pavel; well, and the moment of copulation of Catherine with a young stallion.