Release : 1978
Cast : Ingrid Steger, Rinaldo Talamonti, Leopold Gmeinwieser, Inge Moritz, Ruth Witt, Wolfgang Fischer, Karin Glier, Johannes Buzalski, Kurt Grokurth, Karin Gotz
Genres : Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex, Oral, Anal, Straight, Group Sex, Stockings, Hardcore, Fetish, Perverse
Filse Size : 483.3 MB

Description : Willy and Jonny drive the time to make the ladies' world happy in the village of Bumskirchen. Local men have little understanding of these activities, so they are forced to take a break. They go to the city, where they continue to devote themselves to their favorite job: Jonny becomes the target object of starving ladies because of his perseverance, while Willy is running a lady's chapel and performs his performances half-naked.