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  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 3

  • Release : 1982
    Cast : Amateur
    Genres : Feature, Straight, Classic
    Filse Size : 1.2 GB

    Description : Sandra and Muriel are identical twins and orphaned. They look identical. One of them leads a normal life, has a job at an office and a decent sex-life. Her sister on the other hand, prefers to let her desires rule. First she gets down with a one-armed caretaker at her new flat in Paris. At weird clubs she meets up with strangers who like s/m games and she loves to debase the other girl at threesomes. Madness finally takes firm hold of her and she conspires to her sister, so she'll be the sole heir to the enormous family fortune.
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 17

  • Release : 1977
    Cast : Véronique Maugarski, Karine Gambier, Erika, Maud Hunt, Emanuelle Rivière, Dawn Cumming, Helga Trixi, Nadja Mons, Veronique Monod, Michel Buffler, Thierry de Brem, Siegried Cellier, Robert Leray, Guy Royer, Jacques Insermini, Madou Sall, Jean-Louis Vattier
    Genres : All Sex
    Filse Size : 1.4 GB

    Description : Dirty dick licking Euro sluts crave constant poundings deep in their hot little snatches. No deed is too explicit for these wild and wanton fuck junkies. Our insatiable vixens are desperate for your love!
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 28

  • Release : 1976
    Cast : Chantal Naura,Ellen Coupey,Eva Khris,Jacques Insermini,Paul Boivert,Philippe Bellet
    Genres : Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex, Oral, Anal, Straight, Group Sex, Hardcore, Fetish
    Filse Size : 3.3 GB

    Description : Two delightful Swedish girls landed in Paris for a job. But they will soon be deliciously brought in sexual experiences of all kinds. One of the first films of the golden age of XXX French cinema triumph successfully released on August 11, 1976 in the Alpha-France movie theaters.
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 27

  • Release : 1976
    Cast : Carole Gire, Dolorès Manta, Maryline Guillaume, Siegried Cellier, Hervé Amalou, Gilles Kervizic, Jean-Baptiste Oury, Dominique Aveline, Guy Royer, René Douglas, Jacques Gatteau
    Genres : Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex, Oral, Anal, Straight, Group Sex, Hardcore, Fetish
    Filse Size : 414.1 MB

    Description : The misadventures of three women in the same apartment block. After being disappointed with a boyfriend who wants her to whip him and having a lesbian fling with a schoolfriend, Joelle finally manages to lose her viriginity with her teacher, Hector, but they are dicovered by her and she is kicked out of their apartment. Martine is dissatisfied with her husband and seeks pleasure elsewhere, for example with her friend (Dolores Manta and her husband). Martine's husband finally leaves her. Arlène has various misadventures with men and comes to feel they are only after her money. After being robbed of everything including her clothes by Guy Royer, she is admitted to her apartment by the caretaker who confesses his love for her. But he leaves in disgust when she offers him money. All three end up sitting on the stairs and get invited into the fourth apartment by Martibne's friend who turns out to be a hostess for group sex parties. They go in and take part in a bored fashion.
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 12

  • Release : 1976
    Cast : Hélène Chevalier, Serge Casado, Jacques Gateau, Chantal Fourquet, Martine Grimaud, Marie-Christine Guennec, Daniel Berton, Chantal Arnaud, Jacques Insermini, Elizabeth Graine, Chantal Nora...
    Genres : Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex, Oral, Anal, Straight, Group Sex, Hardcore, Fetish, Perverse
    Filse Size : 3.1 GB

    Description : Photographer François gives work a higher priority than he does to his lover Joelle (Hélène Chevalier, but not the Hélène Chevalier of a decade later)), abandoning her mid-love-making after a phone call. Frustrated, she goes on the prowl on her motor bike, looking for sex from a 'substitute' (bouche-trou). There are a few flashbacks, confusing the sequence of events. First she takes appropriate revenge by hiring a male model (or is this her lover?) for a nude photo session and then has sex with him. She rides off on her bike and does some nude sunbathing in the dunes, books into a hotel where Martine Grimaud is the receptionist. She spies on a couple having sex in a room there, has a g/g session with Martine and then a threesome with the couple (if it is the same woman, XNK0547). She gets off with a fellow diner at a restaurant and then gives Charlie Schreiner a lift on her motor bike. He takes her to a house where where a couple are sharing a bath on the patio and she hallucinates (?) that he (?) is making love to Chantal Fourquet in the garden. Joelle drives off on her bike and crashes. She is rescued by Jean-Louis Vattier and a woman (Elisabeth Graine) in their car. They drive her off to a large house where Marie-Christine Guennec shows them into the lounge where there are several guests (including Chantal Nora, Jacques Insermini and another man) and an orgy follows when Chantal strips. Joelle goes off with the third male at the orgy to another house. but he seems uninterested in sex; so she goes out and seduces a teenage lad she finds by the roadside. Finally she returns home to François to find him and his male lover in their bed (my note : no gay scene). Unfazed, she takes part in a threesome.
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 18

  • Release : 1977
    Cast : Alban Ceray, Andre Miller, Brigitte Lahaie, Claude Irrison, Daniele David, Ghislain Van Hove, Jean Gerard Sorlin, Jenny Feeling, Mandarine
    Genres : Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex, Oral, Anal, Straight, Group Sex, Hardcore, Fetish, Perverse
    Filse Size : 2.5 GB

    Description : Everybody knows the French don't waist any time when it comes to the art of making love. At the start of "Perversions of a Young Bride", aka "French Blues" (?) we witness a couple (Ghislain van Hove and Danièle David ) just finishing a bout of intercourse, only to find out they are just friends. In fact, she's the best friend of his fiancée. Turns out they had some time on their hands while the bride, Marie-Christine (the legend known as Brigitte Lahaie) is getting ready. So, the groom (already in his tux) and the best friend flip through Marie-Christine's scrapbook of love, a photo album featuring pictures of lovers and their private parts. Of course, each one has a story attached, and luckily Danièle knows them all. After all, every guy loves to hear about the sex live of the woman he loves.
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 20

  • Release : 1977
    Cast : Erika Cool, Thierry de Brem, Jack Gatteau, Martine Grimaud, Joan Kohler, Daniel Trabet, Jean-Louis Vattier
    Genres : Retro, Classic, Vintage, All Sex, Oral, Anal, Straight, Group Sex, Stockings, Hardcore, Fetish, Perverse
    Filse Size : 690.7 MB

    Description : Jean found his wife with another, it is clear that his wife is no longer interested in her husband. In an instant everything collapsed. Later Jean meets one beautiful married couple. They help him and even sex takes place on the same bed. Later this family brings Jean to the club, where you can fuck with any women in front of husbands. Jean becomes happy and regains interest in life.
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 24

  • Release : 1983
    Cast : Marylin Jess, Cathy Stewart, Marlene Aubert, Christine Black, Mascha Mouton, Alban Cerai, Gil Lagardere, Gabriel Pontello
    Genres : Classic
    Filse Size : 706.0 MB

    Description : Messenger girls using mopeds go around having sex with clients (and passers-by), with their boss (Alban Ceray) and with each other. Cathy Stewart seems to be the ring leader, punishing the boss for taking advantage of the office girl (Patricia Santos), having sex with a surgeon in a hospital lift and with a man walking a (Gabriel Pontello) in a stairwell. Her gang consists of Marilyn Jess, Marianne Aubert and Christine Black. The plot centers on "tossing". Tossing is a trend Cathy Stewart picked up during her US holiday. You look someone in the eyes, give him or her a sign, and if he or she responds, you fuck – without speaking. Because they didn’t speak, Cathy doesn’t know the name of the surgeon. So she and the other girls are searching for this man.
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 19

  • Release : 1984
    Cast : Kristara Barrington, Sarah Bernard, Carol Cross, Sharon Kane, Robert Kerman, Charlie Latour, Kelly Nichols, George Payne, Scarlett Scharleau, Frank Serrone, Joey Silvera, Spring Taylor
    Genres : All Sex
    Filse Size : 772.7 MB

    Description : Spring Taylor magine that you assist to the reading of the testament of a rich degenerated and that this testament is nothing but a video recording of all sexual fantasies that last in his manor ? This is exactly what happens and all the erotic frolics filmed by hidden cameras make this movie one of the most porno one you ever seen. Nobody is forgotten. You will assist to all sexual adventures of the family and servants. No detail, as wild, disgusting or surprising it could be, will be spared to you. The entire video recording is an astounding panorama of non-stop encounters and insane frolics leading to . You will not believe your eyes!
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 43

  • Release : 1982
    Cast : Kitty Hilaire, Cathy Ménard, Jacky Saint-Denis,Claudia von Stadt
    Genres : Classic, All Sex, Oral
    Filse Size : 898.9 MB

    Description : Quite ordinary French porn of the early 80s with an even cast of actors. Bertrand, our hero is a husband who can not quite satisfy his wife, but he will make up for this during the holidays that both spouses took to rest from each other.
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 51

  • Release : 1976
    Cast : Sigrid Horne Rasmussen, Kate Mundt, Lone Helmer, Susan Breuning, Mette von Kohl, Ingrid Langballe
    Genres : All Sex
    Filse Size : 738.2 MB

    Description : Three Danish classics produced between 1975 and 1977 on one disc. A must-buy for fans of good old film grain, lush beaver pelts and nudie musical sequences. A trio of exemplary Scandinavian smut movies: Les Belles Dames Du Temps Jadis is an aristocratic costume drama, drops the viewer in the ring of an orgasmic circus show, and is another retro-effort with lots of costumes, frivolous dancing, wholesome fucking and an auto-fellatio stunt that would put Ron Jeremy to shame! Expect some mild anal shenanigans as well.
  • Porn under: Retro
  • Views: 37

  • Release : 1976
    Cast : Richard Lemieuvre, John Oury, Gabriel Pontello
    Genres : Feature, Hardcore, Orgy, Lesbian
    Filse Size : 869.6 MB

    Description : Cecile (her name sounds only once, at the very end of the film), a lonely maiden goes to a dating agency to find herself a man. She gives information about herself - 90,58,88 - and answers questions about whether she likes sodomy among other practical pleasures! After that, the agency's computer selects a pair for her - Xavier. They meet. But there are too many dialogues! “J'ai tout fait ici,” says Cecile, “même ma salopette ...”. “C'est une belle salopette,” says Xavier! She is a Virgo, he is a Taurus and ... they embrace each other ... Xavier immediately introduces her to his , who, by the way, is a masseuse. The girls exchange a few words with Xavier, and begin what we are watching this film for. Soon they are joined by Xavier, and are playing with Cecile, who has completely dissolved in them ... Six months later, the couple returns to the agency. They are fine, but they feel a little isolated and are looking for new friends. The staff introduces them to a couple who are also looking for friends (John Oury and Cecile Louiseur). As the two couples grow closer, two female employees play with a half-clad African gardener. And in the end, Xavier chose Barbara and no longer sees Cecile.
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