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Description : Trina is a blonde with a man body. She is given a harsh whipping with the riding crop until her body is covered in red welts. Blow after blow land on her tits giving her the punishment she deserves. After her tits grow a scarlet red Moe goes to work on her ass. Each stroke of the riding crop send her into new domains of pain. Nikki Sexton is tied to a chair and groped. Then her tits are tied so tight they cut into her skin and make her nipples hard. She is then tit slapped until she reaches limits of pain she has never experienced before. Will she be back for more? Only time will tell. Nyssa Nevers is one hot Asian American that likes the pain. After Moe gives her a harsh whipping she asks for more and she wants it harder. Moe is only too happy to satisfy her need for pain as he bears down and whips her again and again, harder and harder. Kobe Lee is giving Moe his daily lessons and laughs at his stupidity after he fails to answer her questions correctly. Nobody laughs at Moe. He ties her up and applies clothespins to her perfect tits.