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  • Porn under: Anime and Hentai
  • Views: 27

  • Release : 2018
    Cast :
    Genres : Oral, Anal, Big Breasts
    Filse Size : 1.2 GB

    Description : Description: Finally, Saki (the heroine) starts dating Marr, who has loved it for many years (the guy) and One month home delivery thing comes to home. When open; manual of the device and monitor the accompanying attempts at a new product called “etiquette” Was written. If “I insert it into the vagina and move it using the included intravaginal wireless remote control, dirt and smell” Fixed; has been attached to the sale message “I asked the guy. Worry about the story only for Koko, her smell? ... 85%! ” To see the questionnaire to inflate anxiety; and so far she lacks knowledge of this with the future I decided to think about such a tied time and try it with fear.
  • Porn under: 3D Porno
  • Views: 237

  • Release : 2018
    Cast :
    Genres :
    Filse Size : 1.5 GB

    Description : Saki-chan (the heroine) finally decided to go on a date with Marr (her boyfriend), who had been courting her for a long time, and about a month ago she had just received a strange package. That package included instructions for using the Delicate Ball and a prototype of this product. “If you insert a“ Delicate ball ”into the vagina, then after several minutes of its operation, you will completely get rid of extraneous dirt and an unpleasant odor from secretions,” the instruction in every possible way described the advantages of the product. - And imagine what your boyfriend will think if he sees or smells them? ... ... ... 85%! ” Trying to fill out a user profile, but not having sufficient knowledge about sex, the girl decided to carefully test it. But the "Delicate ball", after working for several minutes in automatic mode, moved deeper into the vagina, and when it rested against its wall, it stopped there. “If you have questions about the operation of the product, you can always contact us by e-mail, as well as personally visit our support center.” Not receiving a response by mail, Saki-chan decided to go to the support center the next day. In fact, all this was invented by an old scoundrel (the main character), who often saw her from his window. It was he who sent her an experimental erotic toy for adults under the guise of “Delicate Ball” and lured her to the support center (the main character’s office). The girl was not at all experienced and did not represent all the power of an erotic (delicate) ball, and the old libertine was counting on it.
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