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Cast : Andre Stoickov, Peter Iresch, Benjamin Walther, Jonny Tailor, Tim Junker, Sergej Modeljew, Michael Lurup, Andreas Eisen, Raffael Brink, Frank Moron
Genres : 10 hot uncut guys, All bareback, Sperm Kissing, Sperm Sucking, Deep Throat, Sucking, Kissing, Rimming, 14 Cumshots, Solo Action, Duo Action, Trio Action, Anal Ejaculation
Filse Size : 1.9 GB

Description : Scene 1: “Mmh what shall I do with my morning wood” thinks Tim Junker, when watching Benjamin Walther while sleeping. “I will wake him up first” is his conclusion. His kisses Benjamin’s shoulder and jumps right under the blanket and starts to give head. Benjamin wakes up slowly and takes pleasure in getting sucked. He opens his legs widely and willingly when Tim licks his ass. He fingers his cunt and makes it really wet. Then he sticks his hard prick inside of it. First he screws him slowly after that he really shakes Benjamin’s ass. Later that one kneels in front of Tim and shows him his asshole. He fucks him like a horndog until Benjamin cannot hold his load anymore. He then lies on the back and starts milking his prick. Tim for his part is also close to cum. He kneels over Benjamin and squirts a full load of proteins into his mouth. Well, beginning a day with a morning like that is a big thrill, so they both think finally. Scene 2: Taking a sperm bath was exactly what Andrej Stoickov, Sergej Modeljev and Tim Junker had in mind. They sit all together in the bathtub and crack jokes. While soaping each other Tim stops at Andrej’s cock. His puts his limp dick carefully in his mouth and starts sucking it hard. Sergej who’s turned on by watching this shows his prick to Tim. That one blows both of them on a rotating basis. In the meantime Segej takes care of Tim hole. His fondles it with his fingers while his schlong is hard and totally erected. Tim turns around and shows off his ass to Andrej. Without restraint he plunges his dong inside of Tim and fucks him. In the meantime Andrej plays with his nipples and wanks his prick. Tim doesn’t mind being banged by Andrej but he really wants more. He turns his ass around to Andrej. That one understands right away and sticks his cock deep inside his sphincter. He continues by screwing him as fast as he can. Sergej who’s watching both of them is really turned on and can’t wait to squirt his load, his jacks off and finally jerks off his juice on Tim’s butthole. Tim for his part neither can hold his jizz. He rubs his bell-end as fast as he can until his sperm cums all over the place. After Andrej squirts his load on his ass too Tim leans back satisfied and enjoys his bath. Scene 3: The innocent looking Peter Iresch is also ready for a quickie. He plays around his nipples and pants with pleasure. He is immediately aroused by that. Then he opens his trousers in no rush and pulls out his prick. He continues by rubbing his bell-end. With his other hand he fingers his hairy hole. He gets so horny in order that his wanks his bell-end as hard as he can at the same time as he rubs his fuckhole. Finally he can’t hold his jizz anymore. He squirts his load abundantly. At the end he leans back in the chair and levigates his rests of sperm. Scene 4: Michael Lurup is a really shy guy. Anxiously he looks into Andreas Eisen’s eyes when that one tells him “to give head”. He opens Andreas’ pants cautiously and starts to suck his prick. Andreas doesn’t mind getting a blowjob but wants his asshole to be licked too. Michael sticks his tongue deeply into Andreas’ ass cheeks. That one is now totally excited. He commands Michael “get undressed”. He obeys and doesn’t object being fondled by Andreas. He continues with sucking his cock and licking his asshole. After he gets up he sticks his hard prick deep inside Michael’s hole. One can see his painful expression in his face but doesn’t mind being screwed roughly by Andreas. That one fucks him like a horndog until he cannot hold his load anymore. Finally he squirts his jizz inside his asshole. When he pulls his dick out the rests of sperm drop out of Michael’s butthole. Totally wicked to taste his sperm Andreas doesn’t miss the occasion and kneels under Michael. He wanks his fat dong and cums into Andreas mouth. Scene 5: Raffael Brink is a cheerful lad. He loves to feel up himself. Slowly he takes off his sweater and rubs his chest. His hands slide down until they reach his cock. Then he rips his pants off quickly. His prick’s getting harder as he starts to play with his fingers around his asshole. He’s wanking like a horndog while sitting back in his chair. Finally he cannot hold his proteins anymore. He rubs his bell-end so fast until his jizz squirts out abundantly. Totally exhausted he falls back and plays with the rests of his own proteins. Scene 6: Mesmerized Andrej Stoickov looks at his laptop. He doesn’t let himself get worked up when Frank Moron handles his cock. After his prick got hard and erected he turns away from his laptop. He opens his shirt and allows Frank to lick his nipples. That one’s totally excited too. Frank takes his clothes completely off and plays with Andrejs’ hard and fat prick. Finally he spreads his legs and sticks his fat dick into his hole. He rides on Andrej like a horndog. Now his lust for sex is all present. He pushes Frank back on the couch and kneels over him. He screws him like an animal until he cannot hold his jizz anymore. Finally his proteins squirt out of his bell-end while Andrej continues to bang him. Then Andrej himself can’t hold his juice anymore. He bends over Frank’s head when at the moment when his proteins drop out of his fat bell-end. Reluctantly Frank swallows his whole load and stays lying down exhausted. Scene 7: It is no news to Jonny Tailar, that every encounter with Sergej Modeljev is full of surprises. But this time he was indeed surprised. After kissing for a short time of period the action starts right away. Without hesitation Sergej stands completely naked in front of Jonny with his prick ready to be swallowed for a blow job. Gladly he kneels down and sucks Sergej’s dick hard. After Jonny has take out his penis too Sergej takes care of it in no time with total pleasure by licking his bell-end and then his asshole. He digs in it by using two of his fingers. After that he sticks his prick into Jonny’s asshole. He screws him like a horndog and bangs him so hard until his sperm squirts out. He pulls his dick out and his proteins drop on Jonny’s cock. That one also jacks off now. He rubs his bell-end as fast as he can until his sperm milks out of his dong. Sergej licks off the rests of Jonny’s dick. Finally he bends over Jonny and wanks one last time. At the same time he licks Jonny’s nipples and the rests of sperm squirt out of his bell-end. Satisfied and happy he lies next down to Jonny on the ground floor.