Release : 2001
Cast :
Genres : 2000, Armbinder, Clothing, CrotchRope, Endurance, Gag, Head-Harness, Heels, Hood, KneeSpreader, Labia-Clamp, Leather, Mila, Nipple Clamp, Nose-Hook, PussyHook, Rope, Strap, Suspension, Table, Undressing, Weights
Filse Size : 585.9 MB

Description : When I first arrived at the studio, for the day of my first shoot, I was a bit nervous. This was due to what I had witnessed the night before during SX’s live feed. For reasons unknown this feeling quickly left me and was replaced by a more comfortable one. I guess there was some excitement that had build up in me, to be the victim of PD’s imagination..