Release :
Cast : Kawan Silveira, Kriss Stahl, Paul Bruckner, Alexandar Checkov, Criss Cross, Tomas Dworak, Philipp Dante
Genres : Fistfuck, Pissing, Spanking, Spitting, Verbal Humilation, SpermEating, Big Dicks, International Cast, Hard fucking, deep rimming Kissing, Sucking, Fingplay, 2some, 3some
Filse Size : 4.1 GB

Description : 1 scene Kawan Silveira is hard working and getting his job done, until the arrival of the tricker blondie Criss Cross into that abandoned working place. Confronted by Kawan about what he was doing there, the provoking Criss starts pissing all over. Noticing that Criss wanted more then just piss him off, Kawan gets into the game hitting him and checking the material of the blondie out. A delighted submissive Criss accept the passive role, being spited on the mouth, hitted on the face, steped on the cock and pissed all over by a bossy and horny Kawan. Of course that leads to a sucking and rimming delicious session, from the blondie over the hard worker stud. Kawan retributes the rimming with much pleasure, and also massaging and fingering the amazing hole of the trickster, preparing to receive his hard erect cock, of course not before pissing him all over to show who the boss is. Criss is fucked with much pleasure and is happy to have on his mouth the accumulated cum of Kawan, who spice it up even more with some more spiting sessions. That excites Criss to finally cum over the hard worker stud. scene 2 Alexandar Checkov is on his break, reading his newspaper, when a curious 19 years old Tomas Dworak arrives. Though the real curious ones are hands of Alex, which start checking the delighted Tomas, on his cock and ass as much as he can. Not satisfied with the touch investigation, Alex start feeling the hungry hole of Tomas with his tongue. Tomas wants to retribute, and that comes sucking Alex on his nipples at the same time he massages the hard cock of the blonde in glasses. Feeling that tool with his own hands, Tomas does not resist to have his whole mouth occupied with that magnificent tool. Enjoying with pleasure that sucking session, Alex start massaging Tomas hole preparing for what is about to come. The horny burnett boy, begs to have that tool inside him, but Alex is patient and first prepare the hungry hole, inserting his fingers. Tomas cannot hold anymore and needs to have that hard cock inside of him and Alex answer the call giving him all of it. Alex excitment reaches the top and he cum all over that spicy ass of Tomas. In retibution, the horny burnett release his shots all over Alex chest, which gets very excited with it, and retributes the gesture with a tender kiss. scene 3 On their break, Kriss Stahl and Philipp Dante start observing the tricker Criss Cross working on his clean up. Although, they notice the horny looking of the blond cleaner upon them and just oder him to suck them up, pissing him all over in following. Criss Cross enjoy every second of it and just keep his sucking work to be done, even under more and more pissing over his face. Kriss and Philipp having that passive on his knees, abusively slap his face and verbally humiliate him consecutively. While Cross gives them the sucking treatment, Kriss and Philipp start enjoying themselves, with a lot of nipple rubbing and intense kissing. Cross is ordered to work out his tongue on Kriss hole, supervised by a hard bossy Philipp. Philipp then take the action on his own hands, massaging Kriss asshole, right before fisting him hard. That hungry hole swallows the hand completely, while Philipp starts sucking a curious observing Cross. Therefore, the curious blondie has his wishes becoming true when the two other guys start focusing on his blond hole, first rimming him to follow a session of hard fucking, provided by Philipp. Kriss take the chance to start kissing Cross and play with Philipp hole a bit, during the fucking. Although he focus on being sucked by Cross, as hungry as his hole, mouth. The three of them end things up having lots of cum over Kriss, after cum sucking from Cross, and Phillip enjoying the taste of cum on Kriss hands. scene 4 Hard worker Kawan Silveira get called by a fascinated Paul Bruckner at his construction environment. The blond Paul cannot take the eyes off the brazillian stud, and temptation is fufilled when he starts touching and licking the hard working boy. Kawan, enjoying the treatment, allows the blondie to massage his cock and balls, which rapidly becomes a sucking session. But having the tool of Kawan on his mouth, makes Paul wish for more. He then confronts Kawan, asking to be sucked in return. Hesitating at the beginning, the hard worker then attend that wish giving much pleasure to the excited Paul. But looking for self-enjoyment, Kawan reverse the side of that situation rimming and massaging Paul's hole with his fingers preparing for what is to come. Although, the slim blond wants to suck a bit more that tool, before having all up his ass, which quickly happen. Kawan fuck him hardly, kissing all over the process. After a delightful cum, the overjoyed moment is finished with Paul being pissed on the chest. scene 5 Criss Cross play the curious again, this time checking the hard worker Alexandar Checkov out. In here though, he does not lose any time and just start the action himself, sucking the whole Alex cock up, along with self-masturbation. Extremely excited, he move his hungry mouth to Alex nipples, right before passionately kiss him. At this point, an highly excited Alex, cannot hold himself and swallows Cross dick greedily. That quickly move to a massaging of the Cross' hole with his fingers. Soon enough Criss Cross get his hole pushed and filled up with Alex tool, exciting him at the point of cumming all over the place. But he would never be completely satisfied before receiving Alex cum all over his face, and kiss him passiontely after that.