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Genres : high heel training, bondage, large mouth stuffing, tape gag, microfoam tape gag, wrap gag, rope bondage, leash and led, hogtie, pantyhose, leg fetish, 6.3 high heels, tight dress
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Description : I walk into my office wearing a tight bronze dress and notice that there is a box on my desk. I open the box and find a pair of 6.3 inch green high heels with a gold metal heel. They are perfect and must be a gift from Mr. Big Boss. I try them on and hope that I can walk in them. I take a few laps back and forth in front of my desk. They are so hard to walk in!! I will definitely need more practice in them. Just as I think that, Mr. Big Boss comes into my office. I thank him for the gift as he starts to pick up rope. He binds my arms behind my back before picking up a pair of large panties. I protest that they don't match my outfit but Mr. Big Boss does not care. He holds them up to my chest to show me how big they are. He shoves them in my mouth and I, muffled, tell him I don't think they will fit. He does not care about that either, as he continues to shove them in my mouth. Next, he secures the panties in my mouth with microfoam tape. A rope leash gets tied around my neck and the high heel training begins. Mr. Big Boss leads me around the office and I try to keep up pace, gracefully. Once our training is done he continues my bondage and leaves me hogtied on the desk. I struggle as much as possible in my new high heels, tight bondage, and overly stuffed mouth.