Release :
Cast : Belle Davis , Elizabeth Andrews
Genres : Latex, rubber fetish, 6.3 leather peep toe pumps, short dress, pantyhose, legs, high heels, strappado, lots of drool, ballgag, g/g taunting, struggling,rope bondage
Filse Size : 530.7 MB

Description : t was a rainy workday that was making everyone unproductive. The Boss decided instead of Belle and I gossiping around the water cooler, we should meet him in the warehouse. I arrived earlier than Belle, so I was the first to be bound. I was wearing a very short black transparent halter dress, nude pantyhose, and super arch leather high heels. Mr. Big Boss started with my elbows and tied them tightly behind my back. Next, he shoved a huge ball gag in my mouth. He literally had to xxx it between my teeth with the palm of his hand. My jaws ached from my mouth being pried open so wide. I started to drool almost instantaneously. Mr. Big Boss finished my arm bondage by tying my wrists together. With each move I made, my dress rode higher on my curvy thighs. The strappado that the Boss placed me in did not help my wardrobe malfunction. I struggled in my strappado, trying not to drool on myself. My dress was now at my waist, revealing that I wasn't wearing any panties under my pantyhose. I heard the click of high heels and noticed that Belle Davis had finally decided to join in on our rainy day fun. The Boss wasn't in the warehouse, so Belle took this time to taunt and tease me. I tried to move away from her sharp finger nails but I was limited in my mobility. Belle groped my breasts and ran her hands down my legs. I was afraid her long fingernails would pick my hosiery and if that happened she would have to pay.

The Boss came into the warehouse and grabbed Belle by the arm. He bound her arms behind her back as I taunted her with drool strings. She tried to move away but the Boss had her in his control. Next, came her ballgag - a black and red one to coordinate with her red and black striped top and matching pencil skirt. I brought my face up to hers and she tried to move away. My ball gag had a dangerously long drool string attached and she didn't want anything to do with that. Belle soon found her self bound next to me in a strappado. We taunted each other and moved around in a circle trying to chase each other. Finally, with our arms straining behind us, we leaned on one another, trying to find comfort in our situation.