Release : 2003
Cast : Ronald Laska, Justin Beekers, Benjamin Falk, Dimitri Popkov, Julian Meinel, Toby von Sayn, Aaron Smith
Genres : solo-, 2-way, 4-way, 6-way action, kissing, licking, rimming, face cum shots, cum swallowing, hard fucking
Filse Size : 1.8 GB

Description : Ronald Laska comes for the first time into operation in a Man's Art® production in "Reflex". He shows first his body, his cock and his ass to the observer. After the good introduction it goes on with a group scene in which Toby von Sayn and his boyfriend the blonde Aaron Smith get fucked and filled with sperm. It continues in a sauna where, after taking a shower, Aaron Smith gets fingered and fucked by Ronald Laska again. In the meantime Toby von Sayn sucks the friends Dimitri Popkov and Julian Meinel off. Ronald Laska and Justin Beekers united in fucking. Justin sits on Ronald's cock very carefully in order to fuck himself until he jerks off. Later he is engaged in Ronald's hairless hole and observes how he squirts his load onto his face. Justin Beekers shows in a solo how horny his body is and how good his own sperm tastes. You are right here if you want to see a wrestling match between two young blonde guys with much body oil, in fact Toby von Sayn and Aaron Smith are scrapping on a dirty mat. Who wants to see a cruel fuck has to have a look at the next scene, where Ronald Laska and Justin Beekers quarrel about the small skater-type guy Benjamin Falk. It hurts Benjamin awfully but he jerks off while getting fucked. .