Release : 2021
Cast :
Genres : 8 & 19 Yrs Old, Big Tits, Creampie, Lace Lingerie, Older Man Younger Women
Filse Size : 2.5 GB

Description : This smoking hot tight 18 year old ended up spending the night after doing her very first shoot with me the prior evening. We ended up going out last night and then fucking when we got home too (the clip where she wears the green dress). I hope she's on birth control because I nutted in her every time. When a girl is that nice and tight I don't give a fuck. I'm riding raw and I'm fillin' that pussy FULL of grown man nut. Her tits are perfect too.. I love girls like this. She just turned 18 a little less than 2 months ago too... I should be in the hall of fucking fame. Well Boys and Girls... the moment you have probably been waiting for has arrived. This is the 4th (and final) video in the series of four that I shot with her. This was actually the first of the four shoots and it is the longest. Watch her get her perfect 18 year old pussy stretched the fuck out by some rock hard grown man dick. Of course I left a fat ass load in her and got a great shot of all of the 'left over' dripping out of her tight ass pussy. And let me tell you this.. when I say the pussy was tight, it was fucking tight. She has that perfect 'light sandpaper' grip that some younger girls have. Good tight barely legal pussy is a delicacy boys, and I'm all about that fine wine flavor. I hope you all enjoy! PLEASE NOTE: I will also be releasing all of the behind the scenes and unedited footage over the next month for each one of the scenes. What this means is that you will have a chance to purchase all of the camera angles unedited, and you can do what you wish with those, in fact, you can even create your own edits if you are so inclined. The running time for each of the behind the scenes packages will be extensive, ranging from 1 hour to 3 or so. I had four cameras running at the same time for each shoot PLEASE NOTE: The true time of this clip is 8minutes and 41 seconds long. The other 9 minutes are multiple camera angles that I spliced in to give you a little more value since the clip is so short (most of my clips are much longer than this, many of them are 20-30 minutes long). I just want to be clear on this. The full clip is very good though I think... it's one of my best. She's hot as fuck