Release : 2017
Cast : Nyxon
Genres : Bondage, BDSM, Handcuffs, Shackles, Metal Bondage, Self Bondage, Ballgagged, Topless, Nipple Clamps, Satin Blouse, Office Attire, Key Drop, Accidental Prisoner, Stuck, Helpless, Damsel in Distress, Panic
Filse Size : 958.8 MB

Description : Nyxon was so unbelievably horny at work today. Its Friday and she can’t wait to be off work. All day long all she could think about was getting home and digging into her box of sex toys. And.. with her roommate leaving out of town for the 3 day holiday weekend, she will have the whole apartment to herself! Nyxon gets home and pulls her toy box out of the closet. She carefully arranges them on the bed.. “Lets see here.. I’ve got handcuffs, shackles, nipple clamps, and my big black ball gag..” She chains a pair of handcuffs to the headboard, and sets the keys on the shelf. She measures the chain carefully before she padlocks it in place to make sure that she will be able to reach the keys when she’s ready to let herself out. Next she takes the shackles and attaches them to the foot of the bed with a special cincher device she bought. Now finally ready to play, she removes her high heels, satin office blouse, and her bra. She rubs and admires her gorgeous boobs and plays with her nipples to get them hard for the nipple clamps. She winces a little as they go on. She grabs her ball gag and slides it slowly into her mouth, fastening it snugly behind her head. She sits in the center of the bed and securely clicks shut the shackles around her ankles. She pulls the rope on the cincher and slides down locking her ankles in place. She lays down and slides her wrists into the handcuffs, clicking the left one shut, then the right. “Im really stuck now!” she playfully thinks as she relaxes into the mattress..